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DOGIPOT® Single Roll Dispensers (Alum #1004-1 / Poly #1008-1)

DOGIPOT® offers both an Aluminum and Poly Single Roll Dispenser which can be wall-mounted for convenient home use (not designed for outdoor use). Each includes one (1) roll of DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags.  Mounting hardware is included.

Dispensers Dispensers






DOGIPOT® Informational Door Hangers (#1009)

Informational Door Hangers

DOGIPOT® Informational Door Hangers announce to community residents the addition of DOGIPOT® Pet Stations and/or dispensers can serve as an excellent reminder to residents who have failed to use the DOGIPOT® system to pick up after their pets.



DOGIPOT® Telescopic Mounting Posts (#1302 / #1301-P / #1304)

This galvanized steel or poly 4'-8' square post is for use in mounting the DOGIPOT® 10-gallon steel waste receptacle, DOGIPOT®Pet Stations, DOGIPOT® Pet Signs or DOGIPOT® Junior Bag Dispensers.

Telescopic Mounting Posts Telescopic Mounting Posts Telescopic Mounting Posts






DOGIPOT® Square Post Rain Caps (#1307 / #1308)

Square Post Rain Caps

Pyramid post rain caps cover the top of mounting posts for safety and to prevent material from getting in the post.




DOGIPOT® Mounting Bases (#1310 / #1306 / #1305)

The cast iron pedestal post base is great for various surface mounting of the DOGIPOT® galvanized steel and green poly mounting posts. Flat concrete post base is available for mounting on concrete surfaces. The mobile mounting base is perfect for DOGIPOT® Pet Stations and DOGIPOT® DOGVALETS® that need to be moved to various locations, or stored inside daily or at the end of the season.

Mounting Bases Mounting Bases Mounting Bases






DOGIPOT® Product Maintenance Paint (#1619)

Product Maintenance Paint

DOGIPOT® Product Maintenance Spray Paint helps maintain your DOGIPOT® products and reduce any effects and signs of the constant exposure to the elements.



DOGIPOT® Replacement Parts

DOGIPOT® conveniently supplies replacement parts for dispensers, installation hardware and replacement keys in the event DOGIPOT® products need to be repaired or maintained.

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