Pet-Friendly Airport Assets Create a Better Experience
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Pet-Friendly Airport Assets Create a Better Experience for Travelers with Service Dogs

Thu, 12 Nov 2015 by Linda Rosado

Air Travel with pet-friendly airport assetsThe holiday season is upon us, which means air travel across the country is about to shoot sky-high, no pun intended. As exciting as jetting off on a plane is, whether to visit home or a new destination, being in airport can be stressful, especially for people traveling with pets or service animals if the proper amenities are not easily available. While many airports have already started creating specialized areas for travelers with pets, including pet relief areas and even boarding facilities, there's always more work to be done! City planners, developers and airport managers looking to boost pet-friendly amenities throughout their airport's campus can take notes from these trendy terminals and consider implementing some of these unique features for those traveling through their gates.

Pet Boarding Facility

Denver International Airport is the only airport facility that features a premium resort for dogs and cats. The high quality resort offers private suites with flat screen TVs, indoor playing areas with dog stations, and even on-site medical experts that can respond to emergencies in a flash. Pets can board at the newly established Paradise 4 Paws while their owners travel and have peace of mind, knowing they can view a web camera on their pet. Running 24-hour service for your furry friends, they're dedicated to maintaining a hospitable environment for your pet, with cat and dog grooming and obedience training to boot. While such luxurious accommodations might not be a universal hit, creating an environment with a similar purpose and mission will go a long way with pet owners that travel and leave a lasting, positive impression on them.

Pet Relief Areas

The Department of Transportation has required airports to have a pet relief area for service animals since 2009. Normally located outside of terminal areas, these amenities are often difficult to access and require travelers leave ample time to walk to and from their gates. Designing and building a pet park closer to passengers' gates would provide easier access and more convenience. Your custom pet area could even include landscaping, benches and architectural pieces, as well as a DOGIPOT® dog station to keep the park clean. A fenced in pet relief area with DOGIPOT® Smart Litter Pick Up Bag dispensers would not only promote easy cleanup, beautifying your airport, but also make it accommodating for all guests.

Technology for Dogs

Innovation in a dog park will show that you went the extra mile in providing amenities to your guests. Aside from bag dispensers in your pet parks, installing fun ways for dogs and their owners to keep the area clean will make it the talk of the canine town. In the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, one patch of artificial grass is delighting travelers in its use. A dog-friendly flush button just beside it activates a sprinkler system that rinses the grass and drains liquid waste. Dogs and their owners will appreciate the nifty function that's fun and keeps things clean.

No matter what airport amenity you decide to offer your guests, thoughtful planning and reliability will go a long way to let travelers know you care. A well-run airport can become even better when everyone is comfortable and passengers' plights are relieved.

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