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Pet-Friendly Travel: Airports Now Required to Have Animal Relief Areas

Mon, 07 Nov 2016 by Linda Rosado

DOGIPOT® can help make your airport a more pet-friendly space.On an average day, there are about 8,000,000 travelers taking to the friendly skies. In 2013, the record was broken with 3.1 billions passengers, with that number continuing to grow. And these passengers are not always traveling alone; more and more often, travelers are opting to bring their furry friends along with them. Over 500,000 pups are transported by air each year, so it's clear to see why airports are now required to include pet relief areas within the airport terminals. Our DOGIPOT® team wants to help airport managers make sure your airport is ready to comply with this new legal requirement and welcome traveling pet parents.

About Section 504

If an airport is accommodating more than 10,000 passengers per year, it is required to provide an accessible animal relief area as of August 4, 2016. The Department of Transportation requires that airports consult with a service animal training organization to ensure the design is suitable and that each terminal within the airport is fitted with at least one relief area. It's preferred that these relief areas be within the "sterile" section of the terminal—the area through TSA security. With this new rule in place, there will be a total of 849 service animal relief areas throughout airports within the United States.

Keep Things Clean Inside and Out

If you're a dog owner, think of your favorite dog-friendly place? Odds are, it's equipped with plenty of dog waste bags, dog poop stations and other key pet waste removal equipment. Your airport's relief areas should be, too! We recommend DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Stations as the ultimate, all-in-one solution to keep your airport clean and waste-free for travelers. Beyond relief areas, providing dog waste bag dispensers throughout the airport can serve to ensure dog poop is always properly disposed of. To avoid disturbing travelers with and without pets, relief areas should be located away from shops and restaurants.

Going Beyond the Requirements

While the new airport regulations only require the addition of a relief area, why not take your pet-friendly upgrades one step further? Transform your terminals into a true paradise for travelers with pets with the help of DOGIPARK® products, including a three hoop jump course, leash post and more.

With so many of people traveling with their pups each year, ensuring your airport and other facilities are pet-friendly is a must. What are some ways you've already started making your business or spaces more accommodating to pups? Let us know on Facebook!

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