Pet Waste Removal Tips for Beach Managers
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Pet Waste Removal Tips for Beach Managers

Tue, 16 Aug 2016 by Linda Rosado

Pet waste removal solutions for dog-friendly beaches.Beach managers have the important job of both maintaining the appearance of a beach while also providing beach goers the best summer hangout experience possible. With potentially hundreds of visitors coming and going throughout the day, it can be both an entertaining and overwhelming place. For many, the dog-friendly beaches are the perfect opportunity for dog owners to get their best friend some sunshine, fresh air and fun in the water, a great alternative to the same old dog park. To make sure everyone has a great beach visit this summer, consider these tips to make dog owners and non-dog owners alike enjoy their trip.

Ensure Pet Products are Accessible

It's hard to admit sometimes, but we're all forgetful and even a little bit lazy. As a beach manager, that just means you have to be proactive when it comes to preventing a beach from getting covered in dog waste. To stop that from happening, start by observing high traffic areas, especially the popular entry and exits points, to make sure there is obvious and friendly signage reminding owners to clean up after their pooch. These areas make a great spot to install DOGIPOT® pet waste stations to provide people who left their dog poop bags sitting on the kitchen counter or back in the car with complimentary bags as well as a proper and sanitary dog waste receptacle.

Make Pet Waste Removal a Shared Duty

While dog waste stations are great for grabbing the attention of those arriving to the beach, they're a little harder to position out on the sand where space is limited. Rather than only using a stationary option, create mobile pet waste removal solutions by utilizing beach staff. By arming lifeguards, beach security, cleanup crews and even maintenance staff with dog waste bag dispensers, more ground can be covered and cleaned up while providing extra eyes to be on the lookout for owners ignoring to use dog poop bags. The closer waste gets to the water, the higher chance of its bacteria spreading and ultimately causing problems. Having staff well equipped will keep owners more attentive to cleaning up and non-dog owners more appreciative.

Set Some Ground Rules

The beach makes a great destination for dog owners to have fun in the sun with their pets off the leash for a chance. The water and wide-open spaces are both safe and freeing, however come with some etiquette to keep in mind. Other visitors may not be dog lovers, may have food lying around, small children in their groups and may just want to relax. If dogs become too rambunctious, it's more than fair to ask their owner to settle them down or put them on a leash for closer management. It's a smart idea to keep the beach stocked with extra dog leashes too, which you can then provide owners that didn't bring one if their best friend requires a time-out.

Everyone can have fun at the beach this summer when both beach managers and visitors are proactive and responsible about dog waste. By keeping beaches waste free, not only will pollution go down, but happiness will go up!

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