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Healthy Pup, Healthier You: Benefits of Owning a Dog

Tue, 15 Nov 2016 by Linda Rosado

Daily dog walks can improve heart health for pet parentsDogs are a man's best friends—we've all heard the saying. But, did you know having a pup could actually improve your life as a whole? Four-legged family members have more to offer than just wagging tails and wet kisses after a long day of work. Studies have shown canines, and pets in general, can contribute to improved health, expanded social circles and providing a truly fulfilling and positive relationship for their owners. Keep reading to see how your dog benefits your life every single day.

Your Health Won't Be Ruff

We know your pup makes your heart skip a beat, but you might not know the benefits that your pooch has on your heart health. Studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) both show pup parents exhibit a decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which can reduce your risk of a heart attack. Your daily walks with Fido can also help your heart health, along with the additional benefit of maintaining or losing weight. Always make sure to grab your dog waste bags before you hit the trails.

Meet New People and Grow Your Pack

You might not expect the dog park to be a social hot spot, but an afternoon spent in the sunshine is not only great for your pup, but can also be a fantastic way to make new, human friends. Believe it or not, you might even make a new friend at the pet waste station! Taking your pup for daily walks also gives you an opportunity to say hello to your neighbors or grab a bite to eat at an outdoor café. Our furry friends are great icebreakers in social environments, which can help pup parents feel less isolated and lead them to conversations that could end in the best of friendships or even "puppy love." So next time you and your pup are out and about, don't pass up the opportunity to say "hello" to fellow dog parents in your neighborhood.

A Lifelong Companion

No matter what stage in life you are in, being a pet parent can help you learn valuable lessons and lift your spirits on an everyday basis. For younger generations, caring for a dog can teach how to be responsible adults. On the other hand, humans have the lifelong need to nurture, which is why many empty nesters turn to pups to continue caring for a living being, while also staying fit and active themselves.

From inspiring you to exercise and improve your heart health to getting more social and being a valued family member, the benefits of having man's best friend by your side are endless. What are other benefits you've found your dog brings to your life? Be sure to let us know on Facebook.

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