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Archive: February 2016

Ways for Park Rangers to Ensure Pet Safety

Thu, 25 Feb 2016 by Linda Rosado

Park rangers have the responsibility of maintaining the beauty of the outdoors and peace among park visitors. While being outdoors and enjoying the natural scenery, your duty is to ensure the safety of all who pass, human and animal. There's a lot of area to cover every day, but you do your best to do what you can. One type of visitor in particular that deserves extra attention is man's best friend: dogs. There are different situations that you might find yourself in with dogs that require specific procedures. Keeping these tips in mind, you can be an effective park ranger that covers a lot of ground.

Reasons to Make Your Apartment Complex Pet-Friendly

Fri, 19 Feb 2016 by Linda Rosado

Pet-friendly apartments attract more renters

As an apartment complex owner, you may have a strong stance for or against pets on your property. Dogs and cats can provide an opportunity for unnecessary damage, like scratches on doors and blemished floors. But, if you prepare your housing complex to be pet-friendly, with durable materials and dog stations, you'll be better in the long run. The American Pet Products Association estimated that $60.59 billion was spent on pets in 2015, up 25 percent from previous years. With the following reasons, you'll see why offering a pet-friendly living will benefit everyone.

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