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Archive: June 2017

Safe Treats for Your Dog

Tue, 27 Jun 2017 by Linda Rosado

Safe treats for dogs

Dogs may be the best people, but just because you can eat whatever you want, doesn’t mean your furry friend should be fed the same things people eat, too. Summer is officially here, which means the number of cookouts and dinner parties you throw are bound to increase.

To make sure your pets stay safe and properly satiated this summer, we’ve created this handy checklist of foods Fido should and shouldn’t chow down on.

Doing Your Part on World Environment Day

Mon, 05 Jun 2017 by Linda Rosado

World Environment Day

We only get one Earth, so it’s the responsibility of everyone on the planet to do his or her part in keeping things clean, tidy and ecologically friendly. As a property owner or manager, your impact can be best felt rather close to home with how you choose to maintain your dog-friendly area.

So, in recognition of World Environment Day today, here are just a few quick, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly ways to reduce your dog park’s carbon footprint. 

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