Perfect Careers for Dog Lovers
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Jobs with Pups: Perfect Careers for Dog Lovers

Tue, 12 May 2015 by Linda Rosado

Your favorite part about coming home is getting to spend time with your four-legged friend. But what if you could spend your days working alongside furry companions, too? Having a love for dogs can easily be translated into a career with them. While becoming a vet can seem like the most linear choice, there are plenty of other career opportunities that will provide satisfying work and allow you to support yourself while pursuing your passion.

Handler at Dog Shows

From small, local shows to national, televised events, dog shows are a widely participated in tradition for many dog owners. Handlers accompany show dogs into the ring to help them perform certain tasks without obstructing the judges’ view. Handlers, often with a team, often groom and condition dogs and also have the important job of campaigning for contestants to be Best in Show. Through traveling to multiple dog shows to accumulate points, handlers can negotiate a per-dog per-show fee and travel and other necessary expenses to be covered. While the life of a handler can be quite demanding, it’s a career option that allows for a lot of traveling.

Dog Groomer

For those with a stylish flair, dog grooming can be a great way to get creative on the job. Whether it is in preparation for a dog show or just keeping pups looking their best every day, dog groomers engage in hands-on work, with duties include bathing, brushing and styling a dog’s coat, as well as cleaning its teeth. To-be groomers can learn from more established ones or go to grooming school to pick-up special techniques. This career offers a lot of flexibility, allowing you to work at a shop or from home.

Animal Control or Humane Officer

An animal control officer works for an agency contracted by the government to uphold leash laws in public and enforce the use of identification tags for dogs. Other duties include picking up lost or stray animals and catching dangerous ones. Humane officers work for privately funded organizations and will work together with animal control officers to achieve their similar goals. Being an officer provides an important service to the community while having a comparable salary to police officers.

These three occupations are just some of numerous jobs working with canines. If you have the dedication, time and are open to exploring your dog-related interests, a successful career with dogs may be in your future.

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