With spring breaks ranging from March to April, beaches tend to see a large increase in visitors. However, a common overlooked aspect of spring break is the increase of pets that visit beaches as well.


Traveling with pets is becoming more popular every year. On top of that, a 2017 study by the American Pet Products Association found that 68 percent of all U.S. households own pets, and 48 percent of the U.S. population owns dogs.


Chances are, a good amount of people travelling for spring break will be bringing their furry friends with them. This increase in beach traffic makes keeping pet-friendly beaches clean even more imperative. DOGIPOT’s® convenient and reliable products are here to help make sure your beaches are pristine even during spring break.




Depending on the area and the amount of traffic, your pet waste cleanup needs may vary. To suit your needs, DOGIPOT® has junior bag dispensers for easy pick up, and pet stations for ultimate pet waste disposal. Equipped with a sign, bag dispenser and trash receptacle, DOGIPOT® pet stations contain all of the necessary elements to maximize clean up success at your beach.


People can be forgetful and may leave their pet waste bags at home or in their cars. Investing in a fully equipped pet waste station ensures that owners will always have a bag and a place to dispose their pets’ waste. Owners are much more inclined to clean up after their dogs if they have all the materials needed to do so. Adding these stations to your beach can help keep unexpected nuggets from making appearances in sandcastles.




Unfortunately, even pet owners with the best intentions can sometimes be forgetful. Without a friendly reminder, pet owners may overlook a certain gift left by their fur babies.


This is why DOGIPOT® pet signs are an important addition to beach areas. They serve as reminders to dog owners to clean up after their pets. And in addition to that, they inform visitors whether their dog should be on a leash. By strategically placing these signs around beach entrances, pet owners will be informed of the harm dog pollution can cause if not taken care of responsibly. With the risk of the water becoming contaminated by pet pollution, letting pet owners know the danger of pet waste is crucial.


Both on-leash and off-leash signs with pet waste pickup messaging are available to reflect the rules of the area. Serving as both a reminder for leash regulations and pet waste cleanup, sometimes a sign is all it takes to keep pet owners accountable.




Nothing is more disheartening than having the equipment for proper pet waste disposal and not having any bags to utilize them. Increased beach traffic means more pet owners taking advantage of provided litter pick up bags. This increase also means the trash bags for the disposal bins will need to be changed more frequently.


To ensure all your efforts to keep your beach clean weren’t futile, stock up on DOGIPOT® litter pick up bags and liner trash bags. Having a stock of these on hand will ensure beach visitors will always be responsible for disposing their dogs’ waste and maintaining a pristine beach for everyone to enjoy.


Your needs for bags may vary based on which DOGIPOT® product you have and how busy your beach is. To ensure you get the most effective product for you, DOGIPOT® has two options for littler pickup bags and three options for liner trash bags. Litter pick up bags come in either a box roll of 200 or a header pack of 100 hanging bags. To accompany this, the liner trash bags come in 50 overleafed 10-gallon bags, 25 rolled 33-gallon bags or 25 rolled 55-gallon bags. Every beaches’ needs are different, but DOGIPOT™ is here to cater to your needs and help maintain an eco-friendly environment.


For more information, call (800) 364-7681, or browse our entire line of dog park accessories and pet products.

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