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Doing Your Part on World Environment Day

Mon, 05 Jun 2017 by Linda Rosado

World Environment Day

We only get one Earth, so it’s the responsibility of everyone on the planet to do his or her part in keeping things clean, tidy and ecologically friendly. As a property owner or manager, your impact can be best felt rather close to home with how you choose to maintain your dog-friendly area.

So, in recognition of World Environment Day today, here are just a few quick, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly ways to reduce your dog park’s carbon footprint. 

Space to Play, and Poop

It’s the ebb and flow of being a dog: you play, sleep, and then eat

Pug World Environment Dayand, well, poop. A truly dog-friendly area will have ample space for pooches to do everything comfortably. Investing in DOGIPOT® Smart Litter Pick Up Bags™ is a great start towards creating the perfect dog park. Adding agility equipment, like the DOGIPARK® Dog Shaped Three Hoop Jump, only sweetens the deal and help makes the dog park an eco-friendly place for dogs to both play and do their business.

Put a Lid on It

Having a reliable, convenient place to dispose of waste is the hallmark of any good dog park. The Aluminum DOGIPOT® Trash Receptacle With Lid offers just that. Place a few of these strategically around your pet-friendly area for a quick and easy environmental upgrade. Patrons will use less time searching for a place to toss away messes, which equals a much cleaner dog park in the long run.

A Place to Hang Your Leash(es)

Many dog owners are catching onto the fact that driving to the dog park, instead of walking, does little to help the environment. This means more leashes are bound to enter the dog park than ever before. Giving dog owners a place to hang it up, like the DOGIPARK® Bone Leash Post, is a great way to encourage even more people to walk their dogs to your park, and increase its overall patronage.

Celebrating World Environment Day by creating an eco-friendly dog park is one of many ways to help protect the world around us, so now’s the perfect opportunity to do what you can to forward the cause while providing a dog-friendly area for both pets and their owners.

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