Spring cleaning doesn’t stop at home. Warmer weather means sprucing up parks and grassed areas. After a long, brutal winter, weather-related damage can be a problem—especially in outdoor areas that have trails. Heavy snow can break tree branches, strong winds mixed with snow can wear away signs and particularly busy traffic areas can cause grass damage.

Maintaining parks and properties is always a priority for managers and owners, so let’s keep the spring cleaning fever going and get to cleaning.


Winter can be brutal from dry skin to frozen pipes and even pet waste buildup. When the snow starts to accumulate, it can weigh down on the trees until branches snap, falling onto trails and pet waste stations. And if you have paved trails that are maintained by snowplows, pet waste stations can easily get buried far below. On top of that, a constant barrage of ice, wind and salt can start to fade park signs, leaving their messages in the breeze. In essence, as the snow starts to melt, weather-beaten pet waste receptacles may start to show their true colors.

As you clean up the remnants of winter, you may realize it’s time to upgrade your dog waste stations. DOGIPOT® pet waste stations use commercially durable materials and are suitable to withstand those harsh conditions. Whether it be age or just a particularly rough winter, spring is a good time to think about replacing current pet waste stations.

Not only will this upgrade the durability of the receptacles, but it will also help reinforce reminders to park guests and tenants to clean up after their pets. Clear, undamaged signs will also draw attention to them and help keep grassed areas pet-waste free.


If you already use DOGIPOT® pet stations and realize they could use a little TLC, there are minor maintenance products that can be used. In an effort to keep your park looking as nice as spring, consider using DOGIPOT® product maintenance paint. A coating of this spray paint helps maintain your DOGIPOT® products and reduce any effects and signs of the constant exposure to weather elements. A small touch up here and there can instantly transform the aesthetic of the area.

However, maintenance paint can’t always fix a worn sign. Do you have a sponsor for your doggie park? Consider investing in a DOGIPOT® sponsor signs. It incorporates the sponsor’s approved artwork and can be crucial in drawing pet owners’ attention to the conveniently located pet waste stations. A subtle, sponsored reminder can help ensure a clean, pet waste-free park.


Supply stocks from the winter are also low around this time. Use spring to take the time and prepare for the next season because warmer weather marks the beginning of peak season for visitor volume. Replenish your arsenal of pet waste bags so you are never unprepared for that perfect spring day.

Stocking up in advance guarantees that park visitors will have the materials necessary to clean up after their dogs. The cleanest parks start with the materials that enable visitors to do their part. Look at our entire line of DOGIPOT® products to see what fits your needs best. It could be extra SMART Litter Pick Up Bags™ or a whole new pet station in an area where pet waste tends to build.

DOGIPOT® creates durable, long-lasting products that will ensure even the brutalist of winters won’t hinder responsible pet waste disposal. For more information, call (800) 364-7681, or browse our entire line of dog park accessories and pet products.

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