Every good boy or girl deserves to be recognized. Their idea of being treated may not include going to the mall or out for ice cream, but there are still tons of way to show your appreciation for your four-legged friend.

Studies show that a lack of activity or exercise for a dog can cause serious depression, which can lead to changes in personality, lack of appetite, and general lethargy. Keeping your furry friend active and occupied can also be beneficial for you. A lack of things to do can lead to destructive tendencies and a big mess for you to clean up. Preventing boredom and keeping your dog busy may also lead to a more obedient pup.

Whether you have a big, energetic husky or a chubby, nap-loving English bulldog, every dog deserves a treat. Make your next day off your dog’s day out with some of these ideas.


Day after day, our pets wait at home while we’re at work. A change of scenery, no matter what or where, is sure to cheer your pup up. So next time you’re out, take the dog path less traveled and explore with your pet!

Try going out to investigate the local flora and fauna at a nearby preserve, trail or state park. Your dog will get a chance see plenty of squirrels, birds and maybe even a fish or two. With excitement around every tree trunk, it might be best to keep your pup on her leash during your walk. Also, be sure to keep an eye on any plants or wildlife your dog gets near—many plants are toxic to dogs.

Visiting an off-leash dog park can also be an exciting adventure for your pup, as well as a very important learning experience. Giving dogs the freedom to run around a large area can feel liberating and help them get all that excess energy out. It is also crucial that your pet becomes comfortable around other dogs, especially if they’re the only one at home. This will make going on walks and dog sitting much less stressful.

For those that may not have access to big green areas living in the city, treating your dog can be as simple as taking a different route on your daily walk. Cities can be harder on more active dogs since they are more restricted in terms of space. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking your dog out on a tour of the town—particularly the doggie bakeries.


Nobody can say no to a shopping spree, including your pets. A simple trip to your local pet store can be a huge happiness boost for your pup. Stock up on their favorite treats to let them have their own “cheat day”, and roam the aisles in search for a toy that catches their eye.

Not only does a trip to the pet store end in toys and treats, but you’re also giving your dog an opportunity to get out of the house and interact with other pets. Think of it as a social experience for them.


While your pet is enjoying itself make sure you are too! Try finding ways to incorporate your pet into things you already enjoy. Replace a run on the treadmill with a run around a lake. See if your local golf course is pet friendly and play a quick 9 holes with your furry friend as your caddy. Soak up the sun and catch some waves with your best bud at a dog-friendly beach. Plenty of public areas that you enjoy every day are dog friendly, just be sure to do your research or call ahead of time and ask. And if you need to brush up on your dog park etiquette, check out our list of dog park dos and don’ts.

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