• Multi-family communities can stay current with the trend of providing dog friendly areas for residents without the added stress of unwanted pet waste
  • Reduce the unpleasant complaints dealing with dog waste by bringing DOGIPOT® to your community with DOGIPOT® Pet Station Dispensers and Door Hangers
  • DOGIPOT® is highly used in apartment and condominium communities and promotes the dog owners’ duty to pick up after their pets to help keep their home areas clean
  • Most renters/condo dwellers prefer dog friendly communities and the presence of DOGIPOT® will help keep grounds clean and free from dog waste which will help to improve your rental rates and keep occupancy higher.


  • HOA involvement is increasing throughout communities and across the country, helping to promote their communities and preserve property values
  • HOAs recognize the rising numbers of pet owners and are concerned with pick up
  • DOGIPOT® Pet Stations greatly improve pet waste pickup program success
  • DOGIPOT® helps to preserve happy, healthy and clean communities


  • Dog friendly areas are expected and considered a must-have in campgrounds and amongst RV owners
  • Ensures campers will pick up to maintain clean grounds and dog runs for all to enjoy
  • Providing DOGIPOT® Pet Stations, DOGVALET’s®, dispenser and signs will serve as a reminder to campers to keep the grounds clean  and will keep occupancy rates up and patrons happy


  • The demand for dog friendly areas in hotels and resorts is rising due to significantly more guests traveling with their dogs
  • It’s the job of hotel guests to help keep the grounds clean by picking up after their pets
  • DOGIPOT® is consistent with the aesthetic goals of hotels by helping keep the hotel grounds and surrounding areas free from the nuisance of harmful dog waste
  • DOGIPOT® products will help meet the needs of hotel guests who are traveling with their pets so they can responsibly pick up after them


  • All dogs require regular veterinary care
  • Most clinics and veterinary offices use areas surrounding the office for pet waste and dog walks
  • These areas should always be kept clean and healthy
  • Veterinary offices and animal clinics may also choose to stock DOGIPOT® SMART Liter Pick Up Bags for resale


  • Travelers are always seeking for ways to bring their pets with them on the road or in the air
  • To accommodate, there are now relief areas in airports and at rest stops
  • These areas provide a more comfortable traveling experience for pets
  • Due to high human traffic, these areas must remain clean
  • DOGIPOT® Pet Stations, DOGVALET’s, and signs encourage pet owners who are traveling to clean up after their pets, in order to create a clean area for all travelers


  • Designers of recreation areas, parks, community grounds already consider dog friendly areas when beginning a project
  • These designers know there is a great need to keep the areas clean and beautiful
  • DOGIPOT® is the SMART solution to dog pollution and our brand meets the numerous quality and design expectations landscape architects require for their projects
  • DOGIPOT® provides the broadest product line and most aesthetically pleasing products on the market to appropriately blend well into the surrounding landscape


  • Parks are one of dog owners’ favorite places to spend time with their beloved pets
  • Community members expect parks and recreational areas to remain free from dog waste
  • DOGIPOT® Pet Stations provide the perfect tool to encourage dog owners to clean up, leaving less work for maintenance/park staff
  • The high quality materials used in DOGIPOT® products ensure long lasting solutions and lower maintenance costs
  • The DOGIPOT® concept is the SMART, convenient and cost-effective solution to dog pollution issues in parks and outdoor recreation areas