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Most Dog-Friendly Beaches in the US (and How You Can Make Yours One of Them)

Fri, 19 May 2017 by Linda Rosado

Dog friendly beach

The countdown to Memorial Day weekend is officially here and that means one thing –it’s almost beach season. For humans and canines alike, that spells hours of fun in the sun and the sand.

We’re ranking the five most dog-friendly beaches across the country, and giving you our top tips for making seaside dog areas as welcoming and clean as possible for dogs and their owners. Here’s a hint, it all starts with the right pet waste solutions to keep your shoreline clean and ready for your visitors can enjoy themselves in.

Fort Funston’s Beach in San Francisco, California

Whether you’re a Bay area native or just visiting, Fort Funston’s Beach lets Fido enjoy the breathtaking sights within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. On this beach, pups can roam leash-free with picturesque mountains as the backdrop to this adventure.

Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina

The fun doesn’t stop once the sun goes down. At Hunting Island State Park, pups and their owners can camp overnight on the sandy shores and wrap up a day at the beach with a night under the stars.

Fort De Soto Paw Park in Tierra Verde, Florida

Let your pup splash and play in the mild waves of the Florida Gulf. At Fort De Soto’s Paw Park, dogs can run free on the quarter-mile dog beach or join their furry friends at one of two fenced-in playgrounds separated by breed size.

Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, California

This beach has gone to the dogs, officially. On summer weekends, you can expect to find more than 100 dog owners taking in the sunshine with their canine friends in tow, no leashes required.

Block Island in Rhode Island

Twelve miles off the coast of Rhode Island, Block Island is accessible by plane or ferry. In fact, your pup can ride the ferry with you for free! Once you’re on dry land, the leashes can come off in certain areas, but there’s plenty of excitement to be found all around the island.

Take Your Dog-Friendly Beach to the Next Level

The most important part of maintaining a great dog-friendly beach is cleanliness. No one wants to dig up a stinky surprise in the sand! If you’re transforming your dog-friendly beach into a paradise for pups, the first step is to ensure your dog waste pickup solution system is ready for action. From DOGIPOT® All-in-One Pet Stations equipped with plenty of SMART Litter Pick Up BagsTM, to pet waste bag dispensers and receptacles, the equipment you choose for your dog-friendly beach can help you keep the shoreline clean, safe and ready for those summer days.   

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