Spring To-Do List for Dog Park Managers
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Spring To-Do List for Dog Park Managers

Wed, 27 Apr 2016 by Linda Rosado

Keep your dog park fresh and clean all spring long with DOGIPOT®.Spring is in the air—flowers are blooming, trees have regained their leaves and just about everyone is looking for ways to enjoy the beautiful climate. For pet parents, that means frequent trips to their local dog parks and dog-friendly community areas, which means an influx of visitors to these destinations. If you're a dog park manager or in charge of maintaining a dog-friendly area this spring, here are a few ways you can prepare for the springtime and keep your grounds and grass clean and green with the right park equipment.

Check All of Your Dog Waste Bag Dispensers and Dog Waste Receptacles

Putting a particularly harsh winter behind us, it's important to inspect your park's pet waste removal system going into the new season. Quality pet waste solutions, like the DOGIPOT® poop bag dispensers, receptacles and all-in-one pet waste stations, are built to last with materials like steel, aluminum and polyethylene, ensuring they are able to endure all types of weather. As the seasons change, be sure to check on your tools for cracks or weathering, or to see if they are in need of maintenance before the busy spring.

Stock Up on Quality Pet Waste Bags

Arguably the most important part of efficient pet pickup is having quality, reliable dog waste bags always available for your guests. Designed to be thick and extra durable yet flexible enough for any cleanup job, DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags have been the go-to for park managers nationwide for their renowned quality. Be sure your pet waste bag dispensers are filled and replenished as needed for the best solution to dog pollution in your park.

Consider an All-in-One Pet Waste Station

While a well-stocked dog waste bag dispenser and strategically placed dog waste receptacle are great at keeping pet waste at bay, all-in-one DOGIPOT® Pet Stations make the task of picking up after pups even easier and more convenient. And as we all know, convenience is key when it comes to encouraging dog owners to always pick up and properly dispose of their dog's poo. By providing a one-stop-shop for everything pet parents need to clear up waste from park grounds, you're one step closer to ensuring your park stays fresh and clean all spring long.

What are your top tips for keeping dog parks waste-free all spring long? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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