DOGIPOT Products Help Reduce Water Pollution
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DOGIPOT Products Help Reduce the Negative Effects of Dog Pollution on Water Sources

Thu, 07 Aug 2014 by Linda Rosado

DOGIPOT Products help reduce water poluutionWhether it is swimming in a nearby lake, fishing in a crystal clear pond, or floating down a scenic river, nothing beats a day spent by the water. Water sources provide us with endless joy and sustain our livelihood—that’s why we all need to take the extra step to keep them free of toxins and bacteria, such as dog waste.

There are over 83 million dogs in the United States, producing 10 million tons of waste each year. With about 40 percent of dog owners failing to pick up after their pets, dog waste has become a huge source of water pollution. Unmanaged, left-behind waste directly affects our water supplies and recreational waterways; however reducing these negative effects can be a simple process by implementing DOGIPOT’s pet waste management solutions.

What are the dangers of water pollution?

While the first thought that comes to mind about dog waste for many people is a bad smell, a much more dangerous consequence is the bacteria found within it. Studies have shown that nearly 90 percent of bacteria in some bodies of water stemmed from dog pollution. In the past, beaches have been shut down due to severely high levels of bacteria caused by dog owners not cleaning up after their pups. Not only is this a danger to the fish and wildlife living off of the water, but also a major health risk to humans. Dogs release coliform bacteria, which can pass diseases to humans exposed to contaminated waters.

What can you do to help?

There are many simple ways in which you can keep our waters clean and still have a great time with your pup! Picking up after your pet is a critical step in reducing water pollution caused by dog waste. Making DOGIPOT’s Pet Station Litter Pick Up Bags available throughout your community and around bodies of water is a simple and convenient way to reduce water pollution caused by dog waste. Our products will not only help keep waterways safe, but the durable material used to produce them also keeps your hands clean during the process! Another great way to keep our waters clean is to make sure that your dog doesn’t learn to see the shore as a doggy bathroom. Keeping doggy do-do away from the water in the first place can greatly reduce bacteria and pollution.

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