Enforcing Dog Waste Removal DNA Testing
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Encouraging and Enforcing Dog Waste Removal with DOGIPOT and DNA Testing

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 by Linda Rosado

Enforcement through DNA testingA new development for identifying dog owners who fail to pick up after their pups is collecting dog DNA samples. Many towns and housing communities can now make DNA swabbing a requirement for residents so that they can easily identify owners who have failed to pick up and fine them accordingly. These fines can range from $100 to $1,000, depending on the area’s laws and regulations, and further disciplinary action could be required.

Cities and towns are requiring this because of the realiziation that not only is dog waste a nuisance, but it is a health and environmental issue also. Dog waste carries pathogens that can pose serious harm if not disposed of properly. Dog waste is also a major source of pollution to ground water, streams, rivers, and lakes and can pose serious health risks to humans and other pets through the emission of bacteria and viruses contained therein.

The most effective and cost efficient system to help eliminate this issue and the associated enforcement costs of DNA sampling, testing and fining is to install DOGIPOT pet waste removal products in dog friendly areas. The presence of the DOGIPOT system will significantly increase the pick-up rates by dog owners which significantly reduces the need for DNA sampling and enforcement, while at the same time eliminating the nuisance, health and environmental concerns of dog waste left behind. DOGIPOT Pet Stations are both cost effective and easy to install. DNA sampling is an effective way to punish those who fail to pick up, however, with DOGIPOT Pet Stations available, the need to punish will be significantly reduced because the dog owners will have the available tool to responsibly pick up after their pups. This will help ensure that your community remains clean, safe and beautiful for you and other residents.


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