The Facts of the Matter
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The Facts of the Matter

Thu, 30 Oct 2014 by Linda Rosado

The Facts of the MatterSimply said, DOGIPOT's in the business of dog poop. This means we need to know our stuff, and we think you should too.

Dog waste is something millions of us have to deal with everyday, whether we like it or not (we're guessing it's the latter). Since it's something we can't avoid, we might as well learn what we can about it. Here are some facts that will put you well on your way to poop proficiency.

Another Kind of Duty

Service dogs are becoming much more prevalent in our society as they have proved to be the perfect mix of love and safety. For people with disabilities they are a best friend and a lifesaver. Their responsibilities can include alerting their handler of oncoming seizures, mental breakdowns, and low blood sugar. Or they can be trained to guide their owners who have a visual impairment. A common question that comes with seeing-eye dogs is how does their poop get picked up if their owner can't see it? The answer is quite simple actually; they are trained to poop on command. With a trigger word or phrase the dog will hold its place to do their business and will wait until everything is picked to move.

Dog Poop Removal is a Team Effort

Overpopulation is common in many cities across the globe as well as for humanity in general. More people mean more dogs, and more dogs means more poop. This doesn't have to be a bad thing though, as long as everyone cleans up. A natural environment's ecosystem can only process the waste of two dogs per square mile, and since it's highly doubtful that only two or less owners aren't cleaning up after their dog it's extremely important for everyone to do their part. Installing DOGIPOT Pet Stations throughout pet-friendly areas in your community prompts pet parents to pick up after their pups on their daily walks, making sure these areas stay clean and safe.

Movie Myths Debunked

For TV and movie junkies, it's a reoccurring theme to see white dog poop. However, in the real world, white dog poop is a little more rare. The reason dog poop turns white is because the pup's system has seen an increase in calcium intake. This most commonly comes from chewing on raw bones, and since most dogs now eat bagged food, white has pretty much disappeared.

Picking Up Their Own Mess

How about dogs that eat their poop? It's pretty gross to watch and think about, but it's usually not about the taste. Dogs eat poop for many reasons, but the two most popular theories are for nutrition and defense. When a dogs diet is not sufficient, they turn to poop for extra nutrients and digestive enzymes. They eat poop for defense when instinct kicks in, however. Dogs who felt threatened would eat their poop to eliminate any evidence of their presence and become "invisible." It's actually fairly safe for them as long as they've been vaccinated and often won't have any harmful side effects.

There's a Method to the Madness

And finally, there may actually be a reason why your dog paces around for ages before deciding to pick a spot. The Frontiers in Zoology Journal conducted a two-year study which tracked how dog's pooping trends, and they found something interesting. Dogs seemed to pick up Earth's magnetic field because the consistently aligned themselves in North and South directions and actively avoid facing East or West.

Congratulations, you are now this much closer to becoming an expert in the field of dog waste. Next time you cross paths with a fellow dog lover you'll now be able to pass the time with some interesting fun facts while your buddies take care of business. Just don't get so wrapped up in conversation that you forget to pick up after them!

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