Q: Why should you pick up dog waste?

First, it is the law in virtually all areas that dog owners must pick up after their dogs. Both litter control laws and or “pooper scooper” ordinances require this and most require fines to the dog owners for non compliance.

Second, the presence of dog waste that is not picked up is a nuisance to other dogs and people that want to use these same dog-friendly areas. No one wants to see, smell or step in dog waste.

Third and most importantly, dog waste is a serious pollutant and health hazard. It contains numerous pathogens which are dangerous to both humans and dogs who come in direct contact with it.


Q:How should i store my DOGIPOT® smart liter pick up bags and smart liner trash bags?

  • Keep in original DOGIPOT® box and packaging
  • Keep in controlled environment prior to use not to exceed 30°C or 86°F
  • Avoid storage in direct sunlight
  • Use prior to “Use By”

‡ Failure of the above will reduce the shelf-life and may adversely impact the performance characteristics of these bags and void any warranty.


Q:What are the size of the DOGIPOT® smart liter pick up bags?

DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags are 8″ wide by 13″ tall. This size is large enough to handle picking up in virtually all situations but not too large where the customer is paying for unnecessary material and extra product that is needlessly disposed of in landfills.

Q:What quantities do DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags come in?

DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags come in two types: the most popular boxed-rolls and our header paks (i.e., hanging bags). Each boxed roll contains 200 bags and can be purchased in in any quantity, but come in convenient 10-roll, 20-roll and 30-roll cases. Each case of Header Pak bags contains 20 cards of 100 bags each.

Q:Is there more waste with roll bags than hanging bags?

Litter Bags #1402HP

Despite some claims from companies which heavily promote hanging bags, numerous observation and usage studies have shown that there is no additional waste with rolled bags over hanging bags. Most studies showed that pick up rates were actually better with rolled bags because dog owners who happened to take an additional bag from the dispenser, used it when they were not conveniently close to a dispenser. Fortunately, DOGIPOT® offers both rolled and hanging bags for our customers’ convenience and preference.

Q:Do DOGIPOT® bags fit other brands of dispensers?

DOGIPOT® was the first major brand on the market beginning in 1994. Most competitors have modeled their dispensers and products after DOGIPOT®. However, though they have imitated DOGIPOT® they certainly have not duplicated DOGIPOT® . Thus, DOGIPOT’s® SMART Litter Pick Bags fit in all major brand rolled and hanging dispensers.


Q:How many bags do DOGIPOT® dispensers hold?

All DOGIPOT® dispensers and DOGVALETS® conveniently hold 400 bags.

Q:How many dispensers/pet stations and DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags do I need?

Dog-friendly areas require enough dispensers in the right locations #1010

The amount of dispenser units and associated DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Bags will vary depending on the location and expected dog traffic. Installing enough dispensers in the right locations within in dog-friendly areas is critical to maximize usage and increase pick up rates. The locations should be in places where most dog owners will walk by (e.g., entrance to park area) and at reasonable distances apart so a dispenser is never too far apart to retrieve a pick up bag. A good starting estimate of the needed litter pick up bags would be atleast 1.5 rolls or 3 header paks per month per dispenser. Monitoring usage from there will indicate whether usage is greater and more bags or less bags are needed each month. Never hesitate to contact DOGIPOT® for assistance in determining your product needs.


Q:How do you obtain DOGIPOT® products?

DOGIPOT® sells all of its products through a wide variety of distributors. This allows our customers to the most access of DOGIPOT® products at the same or better prices than our competition who sell direct,to support businesses located in their own state and to purchase other distributor products at the same time they purchase DOGIPOT® products.

Q:What is DOGIPOT’s® shipping policy?

DOGIPOT® ships all distributor orders received by 12 Noon EST. Orders received after this time will be shipped no later than the next business day.

Q:Where does DOGIPOT® ship from?

DOGIPOT® ships its products from either Orlando, Florida, our west coast facility or from our various stocking distributor locations.


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