Get Involved this Earth Day: What You Can Do
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Get Involved this Earth Day: What You Can Do to Keep Your Community Clean

Wed, 15 Apr 2015 by Linda Rosado

Get Involved this Earth Day: What You Can Do to Keep Your Community CleanEvery year, more than 1 billion people around the globe engage events, rallies and festivals to celebrate Earth Day. This day strives to call attention back to environmental practices and community activism that may have fallen by the wayside and whether you want to host a waste removal event in your area or help (or launch) a community garden, Earth Day reminds us all of the actions we can take in our lives for cleaner, greener living.

There are countless ways to get involved this Earth Day, so mark your calendar April 22 and check out these opportunities to participate.

Volunteer for a Clean-Up Event

One of the easiest ways to get involved on Earth Day is picking up trash in your area. Your local government, county or neighborhood could be hosting an event; all you need to do is sign up! Getting hazardous trash, cigarette butts and plastic materials off the street and disposed of correctly greatly helps the environment around you. In particular, pet waste, which is the third largest cause of water pollution, is important to get rid of appropriately because of the harmful chemicals it releases. Look for DOGIPOT pet stations and dog waste removal receptacles around your community that you can use throughout your clean-up efforts. You'll be thankful you and your community pitched in to eliminate trash and waste in your environment.

Start Composting

For a way to reduce your impact on landfills year-round, composting is an excellent and easy practice to do so. You won't have to go out of your way to be environmentally conscious and can reduce your garbage by as much as 25%! Even if you live in an apartment, you can keep a small, closed composting container for use. You can compost yard materials, such as leaves and grass cuttings, and even food scraps, such as coffee beans and fruit. Be careful to compost only the right materials—dog waste can be composted but it must be in a separate container. Making sure your pile is damp and turned over when needed will result in a healthy compost for your garden. For more information, visit the Earth Day Network page on composting.

Buy Local Produce

Visiting a farmers' market is a great weekend activity that is also a wallet-friendly and Earth-friendly option. Going to farmers' markets opens your kitchen to an array of vegetable and fruit options from local farms. Local produce means that it spent less time getting from the farm to you; that means less gas emissions from transportation. That also means it hasn't lost as many nutrients as the fruits and vegetables sitting in supermarkets. Buying locally actively reduces your carbon footprint while enabling you to buy more and fresher produce.

Whichever practice you choose, we hope you're reminded of greener, waste-free living all year long as well. Happy Earth Day!

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