Get Your Campground Ready for Summer Fun
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Get Your Campground Ready for Summer Fun

Tue, 28 Jul 2015 by Linda Rosado

Summer is all about the great outdoors, and road trips and camping are always popular summer activities. During this season, campgrounds are bound to see some above-average turnouts and keep very busy. With so many families coming in and out, a lot of them with dogs, you’ll want to make sure your campground is kept up to the best standards for your campers and your business.

Keep Up with Technology

Camping has shifted from just tents and flashlights, to RVs, electricity and hot showers anywhere you go. Modern RVs are more stylish than ever before, equipped with air conditioning, TV/cable and even Wi-Fi! Keep your campground looking fresh and clean for campers of all preferences by designating specific areas for RVs, separate from campers in tents. Also, be sure to display signs with any RV-specific rules your campground has, such as quiet hours, no-motor zones, etc.

Get Everything Looking Great

Keeping up a good appearance is key to attracting new and returning campers alike. Grass can turn yellow in the hot summer months, signs can fall down or become illegible and paths can get worn down after use. Make some time on your schedule to walk the grounds and see to anything that needs to be repaired and tend to it as quickly as possible.

Equip Pet Friendly Areas

People love to travel with their pets; they are a part of the family after all. Keeping your campground open to pets helps keep families together but can also be great for business. Install DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Stations throughout your campground, so waste can be collected and disposed of properly every time. Maintain open areas where dogs can run around free of weeds or obstruction, keeping trails open for family walks.

Taking the initiative to get your campground ready for the influx of summer campers can help you ease into the season and keep your location running smoothly all season long.

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