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Ensuring your city is "green" for St. Patrick's Day

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 by Linda Rosado

A day full of parades, festivities and crowded city streets can sound stressful for city officials but these events are often worth it when the city comes together for a beloved event. City managers need to remember the key to a great St. Patrick’s Day event is ensuring you are “green”.

This doesn’t mean you should go and paint the town green, but should have some “green” practices so that your family-filled event isn’t ruined by a lack of pet waste stations. With the help of DOGIPOT® products pet pollution in unwanted places is one less thing to worry about.A dog wearing a St Patricks day hat in green and gold

Bolstering City Image and Reputation

Keeping grass green, the air fresh and the streets clean are a few of the many priorities of city officials. Clean and environmentally conscious cities benefit both the city and pet owners. Pet pollution is an eyesore and can ruin cities’ lush green spaces. Not only is it unappealing to the eye, but the acidity of dog waste kills grass and is bad for the environment. By providing your city with DOGIPOT® products you are giving people top-of-the-line tools that prove you only want the best for your community.

Have Pet? Will Travel

Pet owners can attest to the fact that dogs are considered part of the family. You don’t celebrate holidays without the whole family, right? People enjoy the company of their pets and bringing them along to events is a great way for them to get outside, get some exercise and most importantly to have fun. Creating a dog friendly atmosphere can generate bigger crowds and make for a successful event.

Unwanted contact with dog waste can interrupt the happy memories being made at city events. By making waste removal simple for guests with dogs, you will improve the experience for guests without dogs too.

Greenest Cities are Well Prepared

The craziness of St. Patrick’s Day can leave the city with extra work. Make the cleaning process a step easier by implementing pet waste removal stations. The Poly DOGIPOT® Pet Station and DOGIPOT®’s selection of pet stations make it easy for people to pick up dog waste on their own. Pet stations include a sign, bag dispenser and trash receptacle, making it a one-stop-shop for all pet waste removal needs. Taking the influx of people out and about on St. Patrick’s Day into account, some extra trash and dog waste bags will be helpful.


DOGIPOT® wants to save you some “green”. Thin, flimsy bags just don’t do the trick. DOGIPOT®’s Smart Litter Pick Up Bags™ are designed with a thicker plastic to be more wallet friendly. The thicker design maximizes durability and minimizes wear and tear from shipping, storage and weather. Torn bags are wasted bags, which is money down the drain.

From our line of Pet Stations and Trash Receptacles, to DOGIPARK products to create the perfect dog park, DOGIPOT® works tirelessly to provide the highest quality dog products for the health and happiness of your pets. For more information, be sure to visit our Products page, or contact us directly with any general questions.

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