Dog’s poop is usually the last thing you’ll think about when getting things ready for the incoming puppies. Yes, you tend to focus on other things such as food, bed, water, etc. However, having a dog waste bag dispenser will save you from the issues of diseases that may accompany improper care of dog’s poop.


Dog poop isn’t something to joke with as it may predispose not only the animals to diseases but humans also. It attracts parasites easily when left uncared for, so you must have got things like dog bag dispenser beforehand to avoid unnecessary foul smell and diseased-conditions.


Dog’s poop in the yard


There are several ways you may adopt when it comes to handling the dog’s poop in the yard. Here are some ways you can use to manage the poop:


Bin the dog’s poop


You can choose to pack the dog’s poop off the yard by bagging it, and then dispose it carefully into the nearest bin. However, this method isn’t environmentally friendly as these bags are made from plastic, which makes it hard for them to decompose.


Consider using flushable bags


Flushable bags are good for handling dog waste solutions as these bags make it easier for you to just flush the waste off to the sewage plant without hassles. Unlike the bin, they are environmentally friendly as the current world is currently cut down the carbon-footprints, but they are expensive.


Compositing the dog’s poop


Composting is another fantastic thing you can do with your dog’s poop in the yard. It isn’t of any benefit allowing the waste to decay in the yard and cause pollution when you can compost them. What you need to ensure is that you make use of easily degradable materials, in other words, you should avoid plastic materials and be quite strict on hygiene.


Consider the Bokashi system 

Another thing you can do with the dog’s poop in your yard is to adopt the use of the Bokashi system. It’s a system that involves fermentation of the dog waste solutions and burying them in the ground where they are easily degradable.


Picking up the dog’s poop

Well, this is no brainer, but it requires careful considerations and attention to avoid any problem handling these wastes. Here are some ways to pick up your dog’s poop:


  • The first way you can use in picking up the dog’s poop is to scoop it with the use of a pooper scooper. This is by far one of the easiest ways of picking up the dog’s poop as it prevents your hands around the dog’s poop. Anyone can do as well do this!
  • The use of newspapers in picking up your dog’s poop is another surefire way. It’s environmentally friendly as you don’t have to worry about the ill-impacts of these materials on the environment.
  • Another way to pick up the dog’s poop is through the use of a dog bag dispenser or any biodegradable poop bag. How does this work? Put your hands inside the bad as if you want to wear hand gloves, then use it to pick the poop up, turn it inside out and tie.

The purpose of this piece is to shed more light on biodegradable ways of handling your dog waste solutions without having to stress yourself too much on it. With the use of dog waste bag dispenser, newspaper and others discussed above; you’re certainly not a nuisance to the environment.

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