Being a pet parent offers more than just companionship. It gives you an excuse to get out of the house and exercise and brings you happiness like nothing else can. But did you know that having a dog can also have health benefits that are both mental and physical? Below are some of the main health benefits your pup can offer you on a daily basis.


If you need an incentive to get out and get healthy, it’s time to get a dog! Dogs need daily exercise, too—keeping them cooped up inside all day isn’t good for them. Having a dog will encourage you to develop a routine of taking them on walks, playing fetch and increasing physical activity.

Health experts recommend that adults get at least two hours of moderate exercise per week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Did you know pet parents are more likely to reach, or surpass, that weekly fitness goal? Research has found that daily dog walks help with weight loss because they require physical activity for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. And people with dogs already know that these walks are a dog’s favorite part of the day! But make sure you’re always prepared to clean up after your dog. Don’t leave the house without DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags on hand to maintain the cleanliness of your surrounding community.


For some, dogs become your best friend and number one companion, acting as an instant mood-booster whenever you’re together. But the benefits run deeper than that. Spending just 15 to 30 minutes with your dog can have you feeling more relaxed and at ease. More specifically, it can lower blood pressure and increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which play significant roles in our calmness and overall mental well-being. Plus, something as simple as petting your dog can lower your heart rate. And if that wasn’t enough, studies have also shown that when a dog is present, tension at the workplace, as well as the tension between married couples, is lower.


Meeting new people and making friends can be hard. This is yet another area where your canine companion can help! People with dogs make friends more easily than those without one. This is because many people talk to others during walks and dog park visits. People out and about with their dogs tend to be more open to conversation on these outings than others going about their day sans pups. Plus, people tend to open up when you engage with them about their dog because they enjoy sharing stories about their furry friend.


Not only are dogs beneficial to their parents’ well-being, they also improve the health of the children they live with. Kids who grow up around dogs tend to have fewer allergies and stronger immune systems than the kids who didn’t. Why is this? The reality is, the more we disinfect our homes, the more sick we will be. Disinfecting steers our bodies away from exposure to various germs that are beneficial to our immune system. Naturally, dogs consistently carry diverse forms of bacteria and germs. This means that having a dog around the house increases the amount of bacteria we interact with on a daily basis, and strengthens our bodies immune system to fight off germs.

It’s no secret that taking care of a dog is a lot of responsibility and can be challenging at times. But the positives of having a furry friend by your side through life far outweigh any negatives. Sometimes, the best ways to get and stay healthy can’t be found over the counter or in the produce section of our local grocery store. The cure is often who’s asleep at the foot of our bed and who’s excited to greet us after a long day of work.

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