The start of spring brings along a little-known holiday that everyone can enjoy, National Puppy Day. March 23 is a day dedicated to focusing on puppies in need of adoption, as well as celebrating puppies and the joy they bring us. Make sure to show your puppy, and older dogs who still act like puppies, just how much you appreciate them.

A few ways to celebrate include getting your pup something special, spending the day with them, adopting a puppy or anything that helps spread the happiness that puppies constantly bring to the world. If you haven’t celebrated National Puppy Day before, don’t fret, below are a few ways you can embrace the big day:


Puppies are adored not only for their cuteness, but also for the wonder and excitement they have about life. One of the best ways to show your puppy just how much you appreciate them is by buying something you can both be excited about. Celebrate your furry friends with the help of DOGIPOT® products. Whether it be a DOGIPOT® bunk house or a new toy, your puppy will be ecstatic to play with something new.


Bonding with your puppy can be as simple as spending time with them. On a day that celebrates the bond you share with your puppy, be sure to make the day about them.

Teaching your puppy a new trick can be a fun way to spend the day. Learning tricks can help develop your puppy’s social skills and strengthen your bond. Your puppy will get treats and affection, and you will have a new brag-worthy trick to show all your friends.

A trip to the park is also enough for any dog to have a good time with their owner. Take your pup out for some fresh air and a chance to run. Just like you, many other pet owners will be celebrating their four-legged children by taking them to the park. Out of respect for other people and in an effort to decrease pet pollution, be prepared with dog waste bags. Also keep an eye out for DOGIPOT® pet waste stations to dispose of dog waste properly.

If the park isn’t your dog’s style, show them off to the world by taking them to some pet-friendly cafes and shops. You can get your morning coffee and shopping done, and your pup gets to meet tons of new friends. If you decide to treat your pup to a day out on the town, be prepared to pick up after your pet. Even if your puppy is already potty trained, accidents can happen. Puppies are easily excited and generally have to go the bathroom more frequently than older dogs. Planning in advance with doggie poop bags will help keep your favorite pet friendly spots welcoming you back for years to come.


If you decide to welcome a new puppy into your home as a way of embracing National Puppy Day, stock up on necessities before their arrival. Transitioning into a new environment can be stressful for your new puppy. To make the change easier, prepare your home with essentials such as a crate, food bowls and dog waste bags for easy clean up. Browse some DOGIPOT® products that can help make your new furry friend feel at home.

If adopting a dog is not right for you at this time, you can still celebrate these cute fur-balls by living vicariously through others. Follow #NationalPuppyDay and enjoy countless pictures of dogs you wish were yours. Now go hug a puppy and have a paw-some National Puppy Day!

DOGIPOT® creates durable, long-lasting products that will help ensure you and your pet have a happy National Puppy Day. For more information, call (800) 364-7681, or browse our entire line of dog park accessories and pet products.

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