How to Have a Notable, Renowned Dog Park
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How to Have a Notable, Renowned Park

Tue, 17 Feb 2015 by Linda Rosado

Notable and Renowned Dog ParksDog parks are a definite hot spot for pet-owners. Many pet parents are willing to travel far distances to visit their favorite parks and some even consider proximity to dog-friendly parks when relocating! If you're looking to transform your dog park or your community's pet-friendly areas into a canine wonderland, take some inspiration with the following tips.

Appropriate Ground

For starters, your dog park should have grass or gravel for easy-on-the-paws playtime. If you so choose, the grass can be synthetic. You'll have to make sure nothing in the grass can get caught on the dogs' paws or tears their paws when they roam.

Suitable Space

Whether it's a natural land barrier or a manmade fence, your dog park should have an appropriate amount of space for the dogs to run and play. Along with setting up rules for the park, you should decide if you could have large dogs in the playground. Another option would to have a smaller, confined space for smaller dogs. An effective dog park not only encourages dogs to roam but for other dog owners to interact too. Your park should have other things to keep dogs and people from clumping in one area.

Dog Waste Containers

Regardless of if you allow any type of food in your park, you should offer dog waste solutions for your park-goers. DOGIPOT® has smart pet pickup solutions to eliminate dog pollution that all can benefit from. Be sure to install DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Stations and receptacles throughout your park to help keep it pristine. Aside from having a beautiful landscape, reducing the dog pollution in the area helps the environment overall.

Park Markers

For a truly unique experience, dogs and dog owners will be delighted by the inclusion of extra special amenities. From benches and shelters to wash stations and water fountains, these extras are great additions to ensure your guests are tended to and hydrated. Besides practical installations, sculptures add a touch of art to the area that'll be very pleasing to look at.

Now that you know some of the ways the best parks get dog owners from miles around to visit, you can start sprucing up your own. What do you think is the most important part of having a great dog park?

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