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Investing in a Cat Litter Box End Table

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 by Linda Rosado

If we picture taking our four-legged friend on a car ride, we often think of our dog getting excited, jumping in the car, and immediately sticking their head out the window ready for a speedy ride. Even though we often think about dogs going on car rides, we can’t forget their other furry playmates, cats, who frequently go in the car, too. 

At the cat’s end destination or at one of their pit stops while out on the road, just like dogs, they also need the right tools to properly go to the bathroom.   

Buying a Unique Litter Box  

The DOGIPOT® Cat Litter Box End Table can easily be placed in designated areas at airport terminals, rest stops or even veterinarian offices. After hours of traveling or waiting at the vet’s office, cats need to walk around, stretch and relieve themselves.

The litter box end table serves as a backup to prevent any cat accidents while out in public. And it’s a chic alternative to having a messy litter pan out in the open. The end table can blend right in next to chairs or it can be set in the corner away from people.

Choosing Your Litter Box End Table  

The cat litter box end table is built with a durable, wood polyfiber blend and comes in two colors and two sizes. You can choose between the antique white or espresso colors and the jumbo or regular size. The jumbo measures about 24" wide by 30" deep by 29" high, and the regular measures about 18.5" wide by 24" deep by 22" high. 

Creating a Cat Station  

While we tend to focus on dog stations and parks, we must create stations for the other furry friends. Implementing a litter box end table is a first step in the right direction.

DOGIPOT® creates durable, long-lasting products that will ensure you have a successful pet station. For more information, call (800) 364-7681, or check out our complete line of dog products and dog park equipment.

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