September is National Service Dog Month and no one can deny the major role these four-legged companions play in the day-to-day lives of their owners. Although businesses are required to allow persons with disabilities and their service dogs wherever customers are generally allowed, that doesn’t mean that all businesses are as friendly towards service dogs as they could be.

There are several steps you can take to make sure your business is accommodating to these customers and their service animals. Whether it’s training employees on how to properly interact with service dogs or having dog accessories readily available, every step you take to make your business service dog friendly will help make your location a well-liked advocate for your customers with disabilities.


It takes thousands of dollars to train a service dog, however this training can be threatened within seconds when people do not know how to properly interact with these animals. Here are some tips on how to interact with service dogs in public:

  • Never pet a service dog if it is in a harness
  • If a service dog is not in a harness, ask the owner if it is okay to pet the dog
  • Never feed a service dog
  • Do not try to get the service dog to come to you; this can pose serious danger to the dog and the owner

Just one unsolicited touch can put unnecessary stress on the service animal and their owner alike. By training employees on how to safely interact with service dogs and their owners, you can ensure that your customers are having a safe and enjoyable experience.


DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Stations and other products are great tools to make your business service dog friendly, and will help your customers with disabilities feel that your location is accessible to them. By having dog products readily available, it will allow owners to properly care for their dog while keeping your business area clean and reducing dog waste. DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Stations helps make cleanup quicker while ensuring that the dog waste is being disposed of in a responsible, safe way. Other products that are essential to have on hand are Smart Liner Trash Bags™Litter Pick Up Bags™, and Single Roll Dispensers. All of these products make pet cleanup quick and easy.

It is important that customers with service dogs feel welcome in all locations; to help put your customers as well as their service dog at ease. Having these products readily available helps make customers feel more comfortable, as well as helping reducing dog pollution.

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