Love a Mutt on National Mutt Day
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Love a Mutt on National Mutt Day

Tue, 01 Dec 2015 by Linda Rosado

If you're considering becoming a pet owner, you might have faced this dilemma already: pure breed or mixed breed? If you're leaning toward a purebred dog, the following might change your mind. Starting in 2005, the editor of Pet Home Magazine, Colleen Paige, unofficially named December 2 as National Mutt Day. This day of awareness celebrates the lives of mixed dog breeds while promoting the adoption of dogs in shelters throughout North America and the world. Many people have found their new best friends in shelters while others refrained from adopting a dog from questionable origins. Whatever your dog breed preference, here are some things you should know before making your decision.

An Unknown Dog Breed is OK

Today we have enough information, from many years of observation, to have details, like traits and temperaments, of the origins of specific dog breeds. Bulldogs can be great watchdogs but may or may not be suited for families with small children. Siberian huskies have a friendly disposition, but also have a lot of energy with the tendency to wander. Some dogs require more time to be disciplined and might relieve themselves inside your house before you can grab your disposal bags while others learn more quickly. A potential dog owner may be skeptical of acquiring a new pet whose background is not so well known. However, stereotypes aside, every dog has a unique personality and has to face house training before living in any person's home. With the proper care, support and discipline, any dog can be a pet parent's ideal companion.

Labrador Retriever or Labradoodle?

With the popularity of hybrid dogs rising, there has been some debate over what exactly constitutes a mixed breed mutt versus a purebred designer dog. Some say that if the mix was intentional then the breed shouldn't be considered a mutt breed. However, whether intentional or not, these breeds possess unfamiliar traits before someone started recording their lineage. Mutt breeds have overall been considered healthier dogs with a friendlier nature because their gene pool is more diverse. After years of inbreeding, purebred dogs have a greater tendency to develop genetic mutations that can hinder their health and behavior. Each dog has a specific history; it's the pet parent's responsibility to accommodate the needs of his or her particular dog.

Share Your Care with Mixed Breed Dogs

There are many reasons why dogs end up in shelters. Sometimes they are born on the streets, never having been part of a home. In other cases, some are placed in pet shelters by their parents, unable to care for them. In the end, whether your new companion comes from a pure breeder or the local kennel, a dog is a great addition to your family. And if you're considering adding another furry friend to your household, a mutt should be a strong contender for your affection.

Dogs are lifetime companions, so you should look into all your options, including mixed breed dogs, before accepting this major commitment. Have any tips for future pet parents? Let us know your thoughts on DOGIPOT's Facebook!

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