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How to Safely Travel with your Pets

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 by Linda Rosado

With school out for the summer, you are planning, or in the middle of your family vacations. However, no vacation is complete without everyone's favorite furry family member. Be sure to travel safely and smartly on all your favorite summer adventures. DOGIPOT has put together this guide so that no matter where you go this summer, you and your family will have fun and be safe. DOGIPOT Pet Waste Stations are located in campgrounds, parks, hotels, and more all throughout the United States to help make your travel experience more enjoyable, and to reduce dog pollution. DOGIPOT wants to ensure that not only your environment is cleaner, but also that all your family members, even the fluffy ones, have a fun and enjoyable experience wherever you travel!

Keep your pets safe this outdoor season

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