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Spring into Outdoor Adventures with Your Dog

Thu, 30 Mar 2017 by Linda Rosado

Get ready for spring with these pet preparedness tips.

With spring comes the promise of warmer weather. Rising temperatures are the perfect motivation to get out of your winter funk and explore the outdoors by camping or hiking. If you are worried about leaving your dog behind there is a simple solution: bring them along. With a few easy steps you can plan a fun adventure for you and your furry friend with the help of DOGIPOT® products.

Water and Food

Just like humans, dogs rely on food and water for energy, so plan ahead. Making a list of everything you need to bring beforehand will make packing less daunting. Bring bowls and enough food and water for your dog. Keep in the mind that a high level of activity will increase your dog’s need for water, so bring extra. River, stream and lake water may look tempting to your dog, but make sure they don’t drink from it as it can carry harmful bacteria. Checkout some of DOGIPOT®’s pet products and dog accessories such as the DOGIPOT® Dog Bowl.

Do Your Research

Before planning your trip check the campsite or hiking trail’s rules regarding pets. Some sites may prohibit pets altogether, while others may require pets to be on a leash at all times. Being aware of these factors may impact your packing list and travel plans.

Cleaning up after your pet

Cleaning Up After Your Pet

DOGIPOT®’s main goal is to create a better environment for you and your pet by decreasing pet pollution. In order to do this, be responsible and courteous to other hikers and campers by picking up after your pet. Keep an eye out for pet waste stations like an Aluminum DOGIPOT® Pet Station to dispose of dog waste. If your not sure about the availability of pet stations, pack your own dog waste bags to be safe.

Health Concerns

The warmer weather can have its downsides. Ticks, fleas and other bugs thrive in warmer temperatures. To minimize the chance of your pet from being bitten, walk on paved trails and keep them away from dense shrubbery. It is better to be safe than sorry, bringing an insect-removing device - whether it’s a fine-tooth comb or tweezers - or considering the use topical treatments will go one step further in preventing your pet from a flea or tick bite.

From our line of Pet Stations and Trash Receptacles, to DOGIPARK products to create the perfect dog park, DOGIPOT® works tirelessly to provide the highest quality dog products for the health and happiness of your pets. For more information, be sure to visit our Products page, or contact us directly with any general questions.

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