Oxo-Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags
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The Importance of Using Oxo-Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Mon, 18 Apr 2016 by Linda Rosado

Oxo-Biodegradable Waste BagsWith Earth Day 2016 just around the corner, being a little more eco-friendly has been on a lot of our minds lately. From choosing recycled or recyclable materials for everyday items like toilet paper and household products, to planning and prepping meals to avoid food waste, these green habits have become the norm for many families and homes throughout the country. For pet parents, a big area of concern is how to be smarter about the ways we manage and dispose of pet waste. Riddled with harmful bacteria, dog waste left behind can pose a serious threat to water supplies and the ecosystems of cities with high dog populations.  This means prompt and thorough pet waste removal is a must to not only maintain pet-friendly areas clean, but also to keep your community safer.

One additional mindful way you may consider when removing your pet's waste is to use oxo-biodegradable dog poop bags.

Conventional Plastic vs Oxo-Biodegradable Waste Bags

The conventional plastic used in some dog pickup bags is very resistant to degradation, meaning it does not break down organically over time and can remain in a landfill for decades or even centuries.  In contrast, biodegradable and oxo-biodegradable pet waste bags are designed to be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms like fungi and algae.  Oxo-biodegradable bags contain an additive that allows the bags to begin breaking down first by oxidation, then by degradation so that the plastic will eventually breakdown into CO2, water and biomass, similar to when a leaf breaks down.  However, like any material left in the environment, many factors exist that determine the ability and timeframe it takes for something to break down. At least using an oxo-biodegradable dog poop bag gives a much better opportunity for the bag to break down then conventional plastic.

Dog owners should be cautious however, as many companies in the dog product waste removal business have not been completely accurate about the performance characteristics of their dog poop bags or had represented that their bags had an additive making them oxo-biodegradable when in fact, they did not have any additives.  This caused confusion with consumers, coupled with the fact most dog waste ends up in landfills, so the FTC stepped in to limit the marketing and advertising of oxo-biodegradability so customers could not be mislead or confused as easily.  To better educate themselves about oxo-biodegradability and its benefits and intended purposes, dog owners can learn more by visiting the website of the company making the leading oxo-biodegradable additive on the market, d2w (http://www.symphonyenvironmental.com/d2w/).

Doing Your Part this Earth Day

Keeping pet-friendly areas of your community, park or business clean and waste-free for your residents and customers to enjoy doesn't have to be complicated or wasteful.  It all starts with choosing the right dog waste management tools, including providing easy access to pet waste pickup bags and receptacles to dispose of dog poop.  DOGIPOT all-in-one dog waste stations offer an ideal solution for pet areas large and small, as they can be stocked with DOGIPOT SMART Litter Pick Up and SMART Liner Trash Bags, both containing d2w, for easy convenient and, most importantly, a more eco-friendly pet waste pickup.

Interested in learning more about DOGIPOT pet waste pickup bags and liner trash bags , or have any questions about additives or oxo-biodegradability, please call us at 800.364.7681 --we would be happy to answer your every question!

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