Park Rangers and Pet Safety
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Ways for Park Rangers to Ensure Pet Safety

Thu, 25 Feb 2016 by Linda Rosado

Park rangers have the responsibility of maintaining the beauty of the outdoors and peace among park visitors. While being outdoors and enjoying the natural scenery, your duty is to ensure the safety of all who pass, human and animal. There's a lot of area to cover every day, but you do your best to do what you can. One type of visitor in particular that deserves extra attention is man's best friend: dogs. There are different situations that you might find yourself in with dogs that require specific procedures. Keeping these tips in mind, you can be an effective park ranger that covers a lot of ground.

Make Sure Pets are Supervised

If you're on patrol and spot a Fido without an owner, be sure to look around and ensure that its owner is not around. Once you've noted that no one is looking for it, approach it carefully and observe its behavior. If its behavior is not a threat, you should take it with you for its safety. Check if it has a collar and any contact information, or if it left droppings in the surrounding area. Your park is sure to have disposal bags to preserve it, so use them. Looking after all who enter the park and reuniting lost members together will create a happier, safer environment.

Remind Visitors of Dog Stations

Often, park adventurers are hiking, jogging, exercising or overall enjoying the great outdoors. And sometimes, they might forget to pick up after their dog. A gentle reminder that dog stations are located in convenient locations in the park will encourage them do their part. Preserving the park that you all appreciate is not just your job but also those who spend their time there. A little goes a long way—the use of disposal bags will not be lost on the park visitors or the park.

Watch Out for Misbehaving Dogs

Not only do dogs need to be tended to at all times, but they must be well behaved. If a dog is bothering other parties in the park by barking at them, or doing much harsher things, the dog and its owner must leave the park immediately. The premises is intended to be safe for all, and if anything breaches that, it must be taken cared of. Reassure the pet's parents it's for everyone's best interest, and they should understand.

Overall, careful monitoring of all the land you survey, with special care in watching dogs, makes the park safer for you and your guests to spectate it for years to come.

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