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4 Benefits for Pet Businesses Partnering with Animal Shelters

Thu, 25 Apr 2019 by Linda Rosado

The Perfect Partner for Your Pet Business

From bakeries specializing in dog treats to veterinary clinics and apartment buildings, pet-focused and pet-friendly businesses have made brightening the lives of pets and their parents part of their mission. With the right partnerships, that impact can be even more widespread, and it starts with looking to other organizations focused on the wellbeing of animals.

Animal shelters serve their communities with priceless services including pet adoptions, low-cost veterinary services and care for surrendered or stray animals. As pet-focused brands, we know just how important that role is and many of us have chosen to partner and support these organizations. At DOGIPOT, we recently partnered with Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando in their longstanding initiative to help keep dog-friendly areas free from dog pollution.

But partnering with a shelter isn’t just an opportunity to collaborate with fellow animal lovers. Beyond the good your business will be doing, there are many other brand-boosting benefits to partnering with an animal shelter. Here are four we’ve noted so far.

Give Back to Your Community

Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Those animals must be fed, housed and cared for while awaiting adoption or foster homes, and animal shelters take on that responsibility without a second thought. It’s time to lend those organizations a helping hand, and it starts with your business

Partnering with a local animal shelter means your business will be helping make a difference in your town, city or state. Whether it’s through donations of funds or products, support during adoption events, or simply volunteering your time, there’s no limit to the good your business can do. Seeing your name amongst supporters shows current and potential customers your brand is dedicated to the happiness and wellbeing of pets everywhere. You’ll be giving back while giving your brand a boost.

Get Your Products in Front of Pet Lovers

Partners for Your Pet BusinessSpeaking of your customers, a close relationship with an animal shelter can help build your business as almost every person who walks in could be part of your audience. From food and accessories to doggie bags and kitty litter, pet lovers welcoming a new member into their family are going to need a few essentials. And seeing your brand associated with the organization they’ve chosen to adopt from could be the push they need to go from potential to loyal customer.

Appeal to Conscious Consumers

In 2017, 49% of pet owners chose pet products based on brands’ involvement in pet welfare or rescue causes and events. That means half of people shopping for food, cleaning supplies, accessories or other pet products look to support brands who share their values and their passion for the wellbeing of animals. A partnership with an animal shelter lets potential customers know you share those views and have taken steps to make a real impact on the lives of cats, dogs and other companion animals. So, when those customers see your brand on the shelf or spot your storefront while driving through town, they’re more likely not only recognize it but appreciate your advocacy.

Do Good, Feel Good

Starting a partnership with a local animal shelter can improve your image in your community, get more eyes on your products, and bring in business from new customers or patients. But that’s not where the benefits end. Supporting an animal-focused cause or organization is something your brand can be proud of—and when you do good, you feel good, too.

In the busy world of business, it can be easy to forget the reason why you began creating products with pets in mind. Supporting and collaborating with an organization like an animal shelter can be just what you and your business need to get back to your roots and work to better the lives of animals everywhere.   

If you own or manage a pet-focused or pet-friendly business, consider a partnership with an animal shelter in your area and help celebrate the tireless work done by these organizations.

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