Plan the Perfect Doggy Date
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Plan the Perfect Doggy Date

Thu, 09 Jul 2015 by Linda Rosado

Been really busy lately? Have you been missing out on quality time with your favorite pup? Never fear! Your dog loves you and you love your dog, and now is the perfect time to spend the day just you and your dog, a great day for both and here’s how!?

Farmer’s Markets

Lots of towns have farmer’s markets either every day or every week. Providing an open, outside place to shop with your dog happily by your side, farmer’s markets are filled with new smells and sights and lots of people to meet. Many markets will also feature vendors that specialize in treats for your dog or even pup accessories, like a brand new bed or collar. Take on an out of the ordinary shopping experience you both can enjoy.

Go for a Swim

Is there a pet-friendly beach, lake or river near where you live? Anywhere you could both swim, play, and relax would be a perfect outing. Look for places with plenty of DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Stations and DOGIPOT® Smart Litter Pickup Bags to keep your outing (and your hands) clean!

Do a Little Shopping

Pamper your dog by taking them on a shopping spree at their favorite pet store. Let them pick out a new toy or treat, or maybe even make a new friend—it’ll be an exciting time for your pup and very rewarding for you as a proud pet parent watching your dog have fun.

Work those Muscles

Do you typically go for a run on the treadmill in the morning or afternoon? Switch up your routine and head to the great outdoors with your pup at your side. You’ll get to spend some quality time together while doing both your bodies some good.

Fire Up a Feast

Ever wonder what’s in your dog’s food? Treat your pup to a healthy, home-cooked feast they’re sure to appreciate. There are countless dog-friendly recipes to choose from, depending on what you already know your pup loves, and you could even make a variation of it for yourself! ?

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to doggy date ideas. If you want to know exactly where in your city you and your dog can spend time together, websites like are your key to discovering a dog-friendly side of your town.

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