Perfect Holiday Gifts for Your Four-Legged Friends
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Perfect Holiday Gifts for Your Four-Legged Friends

Wed, 10 Dec 2014 by Linda Rosado

For most people, the holidays are both a time of incredible joy and high levels of stress. Trying to find the perfect gift for family, friends, coworkers and everyone in between can feel like the most stressful part of the year! While adding another name to your list might make you want to cringe, you can't forget to buy an extra special gift for your number one sidekick - your dog! Here's a great list of doggie present ideas your pup is sure to love.

Tasty Treats

It's hard to trump a classic, and for good reason. Nothing goes together like a dog and their bone. Go the extra mile and get a flavored bone to surprise their taste buds. And if you haven't been to a gourmet dog food store yet, you're the one that'll be in for a treat. Dog treat technology has reached a new level with cookies and cupcakes that look indistinguishable from human treats.

Stylish Accessories

The winter is cold, and everyone loves snuggling up in a cozy bed with warm blankets. It may be time to upgrade their old packed down bed with something more supportive and comfy. Or let your pup enjoy the fun of an ugly sweater party too and stay warm at the same time. A regular sweater is great too and works year round for breezy days. Too warm for doggie sweaters? A new collar that reflects your pup's personality lets them stand out and feel special anywhere they go!

A Fresh Perspective

Why should we be the only ones to enjoy a spa day? Book your dog a haircut and scrub down appointment to let them feel and smell like brand new. Just make sure to keep them from rolling in the dirt for at least five minutes this time. You could even consider taking them on vacation or even on a simple day trip to get them out the house and enjoy new sight, sounds and experiences.

A Little Something for You

Buying something for yourself while doing your holiday shopping can feel a bit like cheating, but it's perfectly reasonable if it's also going to benefit your loved ones or community. Think about purchasing a DOGIPOT Pet Station equipped with strong and durable dog waste bags for the pet friendly areas of your community. These dog poop stations not only make pet waste removal simple and accessible for all, they also help keep pet-friendly areas clean, safe and ready for a magical holiday season.

Make this year your best friend's best holiday season ever.

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