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Pet-Friendly Ways to Make Your Beachfront Neighborhood Pawsitively Awesome

Wed, 13 Sep 2017 by Linda Rosado

As the summer season comes to a close for some, other areas of the country tend to get a little extension outside of the traditional three-month period. This means even more time near the beach and outdoors. If your beachfront complex is one of the lucky ones, it’s still important to be aware of how you can make your pet-friendly area the go-to spot for residents and dedicated beach goers.

Here are some tips and tricks that will prove you’re the best beachfront community on the block.

Keep it Clean

The best part about a beachfront neighborhoodis being able to admire the beautiful oasis, but making sure that your paradise is well-maintained can be tricky. The easiest way to keep your environment just as pretty as the view is by implementing the use of DOGIPOT® Pet Signs in specific areas throughout the neighborhood reminding others to pick up after their pups.

A clean landscape not only keeps your resident’s morale up, but also shows off the gorgeous upkeep to future residents this summer.

Bringing Your Dog to the Beach

Host a Dog Party

Hosting a dog party is a great way for your residents to get to know each other, spend some time outdoors with their fur babies, and keep them involved in the neighborhood. It’ll probably call for a much-needed dip in the ocean afterwards, too—which would be extra fun if your nearest beach is dog-friendly.

Make it a day filled with fun outdoor games, yummy treats and lots of water so everyone stays hydrated in the summer heat. Bringing the dog park to you will not only strengthen your residents’ sense of community, but also allow your furry residents to have some fun in the sun, too.

Items to bring the party: A DOGIPOT® Adjustable Diner, and a DOGIPOT® Bunk House so there will be plenty of shade and room to relax, snack, and maybe even take a quick snooze.

Be an Environmental Leader

There are several ways your leadership can positively make a difference on the environment, specifically the nearby ocean.

One major way is by providing DOGIPOT® Litter Pick Up Bags around your complex. These are the most effective, durable and economical solutions to dog waste—which is extremely valuable since your property is located near the water. Take action in reducing water damage caused by dog waste, and encourage your residents to pick up after their dog’s messes, and visitors or beach goers, too. Just make sure you equip your dog-friendly area with the DOGIPOT® and DOGIPARK® pet products that work best with your space, and the rest should fall conveniently into place.

If you have any questions, please call (800) 364-7681, or browse our entire line of dog park accessories and pet products. To learn more, watch our video on why pet inclusion is so important.

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