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How to Make Your Hotel More Pet-Friendly

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 by Linda Rosado

Dog waste stations keep your hotel comfortable and clean for travelers-with-pets.As the summer months are upon us, thousands of people are travelling across the country to various destinations and more and more of these folks are starting to travel with their pets. As the number of travelers-with-pets increases, so does the opportunity to increase traffic through your hotel. As a hotel owner, choosing to make your property more pet-friendly can not only increase sales, but also it can increase your reputation as a hotel. Making your hotel more pet-friendly by adding a dog waste station, pet products, and other materials, will benefit both your guest and you as the hotel owner. Here are some ways to start making your hotel more pet-friendly.

Set Specific Pet Policies

You are in charge of the rules and guidelines you want to set to make your hotel pet-friendly. You can set a certain number of rooms to be pet-friendly and offer a range of different services, depending on your what you're comfortable with. Having specific pet-friendly rooms also gives you the opportunity to charge extra for the rooms. This is common amongst most pet-friendly hotels, pet-travelers should expect an extra charge and would be more willing to pay for it.

Provide Your Guest With Pet Products

If you want to go the extra mile and become a reputable pet-friendly hotel, your property should be equipped with all the materials that your animal guests need. Your hotel can offer various dog accessories, toys, and treats that guests can give to their dogs. Incorporating a small dog park area on your property for dogs to run around would be ideal for dogs to feel comfortable and happy when they are away from home, which results in the guests being happy. Placing dog waste stations, such as the Aluminum DOGIPOT Pet Station, throughout your property is essential in keeping your pet-friendly hotel clean and safe. Providing your guests with dog waste bags throughout the hotel will encourage them to pick up after their pups and keep your property clean.

Becoming a pet-friendly hotel has numerous benefits both for you as a hotel owner and your pet-loving guests. By setting certain pet policies, supplying your guests with materials they need for their pets, and by placing multiple dog waste stations throughout your property, you can turn your property into a profitable, pet-friendly hotel.

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