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Creating a Pet-Friendly Business or Shopping Center

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 by Linda Rosado

From mega malls to farmer’s markets and boutiques, more and more shopping centers are opening their doors to those visiting with their pups. By letting Fido come inside, these businesses are gaining a visit from a shopper that might have otherwise kept walking by, not to mention attracting even more potential customers all over the city. Want in on this savvy business move? Check out DOGIPOT’s top tips for creating a pet-friendly shopping center or business.

Designate Dog Relief Areas

The most common concern business-owners have when implementing a pet-friendly policy is keeping their business and surrounding areas clean from pet waste. Designated dog relief areas can help ease that worry. Mark these areas by setting up pet waste stations or dog waste bag dispensers, so customers know to encourage their pups to do their doo in these areas. Accidents do happen, though, so stocking dog waste bags throughout your property is the most secure way of keeping your grounds waste-free.

Carefully Select Your Dog Waste Supplies

Not all dog waste bags are created equal. Every dog owner has (literally) had a mess on their hands at some point because of weak poop bags. When stocking your pet stations or poop bag dispensers, choose strong, flexible dog waste bags, strong enough to handle the duty, like DOGIPOT® Smart Litter Pick Up Bags. Look for added thickness, a size that’s not too big or small and, of course, budget-friendly prices.

Cater to Pet Owners

Just like a carefully curated window display or eye-catching sign can help you draw in shoppers, extending extra perks to pet owners can also boost business. From water bowls to healthy treats, pet parents and their four-legged friends are sure to appreciate these little details provided by your business.

Let the World Know You’re Pet-Friendly

Most pet parents would love to bring their pup along on their shopping excursions, so it’s time to let them know they can! Place a sign on your window letting shoppers know their pup is welcome inside and be sure to update your social media and website letting potential visitors know all about your pet-friendly status.

Are you a business-owner that’s made your shop or property pet-friendly? We’d love to hear your tips on Facebook!

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