Pet Tech: The Future of Managing Your Dog’s Health
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Pet Tech: The Future of Managing Your Dog's Health

Thu, 25 Oct 2018 by Linda Rosado

Pet Tech: The Future of Managing Your Dog’s Health

Smart technology has started to affect the way we live in every possible way, and our pets are no exception. Technology like activity trackers, GPS locators and even pet-to-human communication have become mainstream in the pet care industry. They are quickly becoming must haves for maximizing your pet’s health and happiness.

If you are looking to understand more about your furry friend or you’re curious about how smart technology can make your life easier, get ready to learn about the new innovations in pet care.

What Can Pet Tech Do for You?

We all love our pets and want the best for them, which means ensuring a long and healthy life for our companions through proper care.

One way to keep your pup healthy is through a pet activity tracker. These trackers are placed onto your dog’s collar and record steps taken, calories burned and even your pet’s current location. This means that after a walk in the park with your furry friend, these devices will tell you exactly how far they went, how many calories they burned, and how much more activity they need to stay healthy. You’ll even be able to see improvement right away through health statistics sent daily to your smartphone.

As well as keeping your pet healthy, studies show that exercising with your pet is an effective way for owners to stay fit and healthy. Seeing how happy and well your best friend does through pet tech can be motivation to stay active right alongside them.

Keeping an Eye on Your Pets

Safety is always a concern when it comes to our furry best friends, and it’s the worst feeling to have a beloved pet lost. But with a GPS tracker, your furry friend’s location will always be just an app away. You can also invest in a pet safe collar camera to see through the eyes of your pet—maybe even turning your dog or cat into the next online viral sensation.

Pet trackers are also a great solution to ensuring your dog is getting proper attention while in the care of someone else. If you go on vacation and hire a pet sitter, knowing their GPS location and activity will ensure that your pup is truly getting the care you paid for.

The Future of Pet Tech

The future of pet tech hopes to create convenience for the active, on-the-go pet parent through innovative devices.

One piece of tech out on the market is the pet camera. These devices allow you to video call your pet, remotely play or even give them treats. This would make the busy pet parent feel more connected to their pup while at work and increase the emotional connection spent between pet and parent.

Some companies have also started to set their sights higher with products such as guided robotic dog walkers. These walkers would use GPS guided systems to take your pup on a walk when you can’t. Another product developers hope to create is the pet brain wave reader. This reader would give parents deeper insight into their best friend’s emotions through changing colors and emoticons directly on their collar. Inventions like these may change the way we care for our pets, giving them exactly what they need based on their emotions.

Although reading your dog’s mind might just end up as science fiction, pet tech is a great option to keep your pets safe and healthy. From keeping up with your pet’s health to monitoring their whereabouts, it can tap into an abundance of insights for a happy, furry family.

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If you’re curious about how smart technology can make your life easier, get ready to learn about the new innovations in pet care