Dog waste accounts for a larger percentage of the total animal waste produced in the present world. This has resulted in environmental pollution, which threatens the quality of lives we lead today. Hence, there’s a need more than ever before for a dog waste control system to manage this ticking time bomb.


Pet waste doesn’t just decompose. It adds harmful bacteria and nutrients to local waters, when it’s not disposed of properly. It might not seem like a storm water problem, but animal waste is one of the many seemingly small sources of pollution that can add up to big problems for water quality, and even human health.


Interestingly, many people have different dog waste control mechanisms, such as the use of dog waste bags and the present day’s waste systems for dog waste.


Picking up after your pet is easy, if you’re prepared. Some great tools for getting rid of dog waste are:


SMART Litter Pick Up Bags

The SMART Litter Pick Up Bags are the most effective, dependable and economical tool used to help eliminate dog pollution in dog friendly areas. Thick enough to withstand the rigors of shipping, warehouse storage, exposure to various environmental elements, and to get the pickup job complete, yet not too big or thick that just adds unnecessary costs or material to the waste stream. DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags™ are the SMART choice. They are the perfect pickup tool that provides the perfect balance of dependability and value. It’s the dependability that saves you money!


SMART Liner Trash Bags

DOGIPOT® supplies a variety of SMART Liner Trash Bags specifically designed to fit all DOGIPOT® Trash Receptacles and DOGVALETS®. The presence of an adequate number of trash receptacles with trash liners near your DOGIPOT® dispensers is necessary so dog owners have convenient access to dispose of their bagged dog waste. This will help maximize pick up success. DOGIPOT® SMART Liner Trash Bags are the SMART choice. They are the perfect liner for all your needs and they provide the perfect balance of dependability and value. It’s the dependability that saves your money!


DOGIPOT® pet stations

As the longstanding, proven solution to help keep dog-friendly areas free from dog pollution, DOGIPOT® pet stations contain all of the elements necessary to maximize clean-up success.


With the use of dog waste bags and accessories from DOGIPOT it becomes easier to care for your pet and environment

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