Grilled burgers, warm sunshine, close family members and your beloved pet are the necessary ingredients to create the ideal Labor Day weekend. With a rapid increase in the use of dog-friendly areas, there’s sure to be an increase in dogs joining their families for outdoor barbecues at apartments, campgrounds and parks this year.

Consequently, dogs leave behind waste that must be cleaned up as soon as possible with bags. Since we can’t put renters, campers and park goers into the doghouse for leaving their dog’s waste behind, to create a team effort to maintain a clean environment, we have listed tips below to make sure dog poop goes from the grass or dirt into a trash receptacle.


More than 56 million households own dogs in the U.S., and people increasingly want to include their pets in daily life. With more and more dogs barking and running around, additional pet stations are needed in dog prevalent areas.

As the trend in dog ownership continues to increase, dog owners want to include their dogs in their everyday lives. The result of this has led to a significant increase of more dog friendly areas.

The Aluminum DOGIPOT® QUIK Pet Station is the first step in creating a sanitary and odor-free dog-friendly area. Owners can easily access dog poop bags to quickly remove their dog’s mess rather than feeling the urge to lazily leave it on the ground. Without providing the right resources, owners will have no urge to pick up their dog’s poop.


Our lives tend to pull us in a bunch of different directions, so it helps to have several signs or posters handy to relay the importance of cleaning up after our pets. Planting numerous signs throughout a property makes an owner thoroughlyread its message.

Clear and straightforward indicators such as the Aluminum DOGIPOT® Pet Sign tell dog owners that they need to clean up after their pet. In order to have apartment or condo renters renew their leases or campers return to campsites, these consumers want a pleasantly clean area. Fortunately, a simply sign can guide them to this path.


Now that an owner has read the sign and picked up their dog’s waste, the last step is to dispose of it quickly. Neither the owner nor the pet wants to walk around holding stinky poop. Placing multiple DOGIPOT® trash receptacles allows people to throw out their dog poop bags rather than get tired of swinging it around in their hand and just leaving it somewhere.

While grilled burgers, warm sunshine, close family members and your beloved pet will create the ideal Labor Day, pet stations, pet signs and trash receptacles to dispose of your dog’s waste will create the perfect, odor-free Labor Day.

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