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Make Your Rest Stop Ready for Summer

Tue, 24 May 2016 by Linda Rosado

Enhance your rest stop with trashcans and pet stationsThe temperatures are rising and so is the amount of visitors to your rest stop area. The summer season is dawning on us, which means more free time for future travelers to come your way. As schools let out, parents and others are using their vacation days to hit the road and will frequent more rest stops than ever. As a rest stop owner, you must maintain your facilities so that passersby feel safe, see your location as a benefit, and return on the drive back home. The following are some things to keep in mind as a rest stop owner to keep your facility in top shape.

Clean Facilities for People and Pets

When your visitors first step onto your rest stop, the first thing they're most likely going to do is obvious: use the bathroom. As they're dashing to the restroom, your guests are hoping for clean stalls (with toilet paper) and air conditioning. A clean, well-equipped facility will leave a good impression and memory with the families and individuals that visit and persuade them to come back. And remember: the same goes for Fido: a good amount of pet stations for pet owners to utilize will make them much happier and your grounds much cleaner. Think about everyone who will set foot on your rest stop, people and pets, and schedule routine cleanings for the restrooms and pet stations.

Room to Roam for People and Pets

Not only should you have restrooms and pet waste stations that are frequently sanitized and have waste picked up, but you should also have clean areas for relaxing and sitting. When families and pets aren't relieving themselves or using pet stations, they're looking on their phones or maps for where they should go next. Benches and weather-resistant shelters in good condition are ideal places for your visitors to figure out the next stop on their trip. For the dog-friendly rest stops, room for man's best friend to stretch their legs and play will delight pets and pet owners. An open space for dogs to exercise and tire themselves, with pet waste stations strategically placed, will ease all visitors' minds. Space applies for pets but also to drivers: convert any area not used for seating or dogs into parking so you can provide for the fluctuation of traffic that occurs during peak season.

A few added amenities, like state and local maps and a designated space for law-enforcement officers, will go a long way with the excited travelers passing by. By providing the basics, like a clean bathroom and pet stations, you can easily impress and get visitors to return to your excellent rest stop.

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