Choosing the Right Pet Waste Removal Products
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Choosing the Right Pet Waste Removal Products

Thu, 10 Mar 2016 by Linda Rosado

Pet waste bags for every occasionAs the owner or manager of a property, your duties can vary widely from day to day. With so much on your plate, things like ensuring dog waste stations are offered throughout pet-friendly areas of the grounds you oversee can sometimes fall through the cracks. Having the right pet waste products for your specific property can help you keep your surroundings clean, safe and looking great for your residents or guests, but there's more to efficient pet pickup than meets the eye. With so many pet product options available today from companies like DOGIPOT, it's important to consider the following when choosing the best solution for your needs.

Stock Up on Dog Waste Bags

Whether you manage a condo community or work at a vet clinic, if you have dogs living in or visiting your property, you're going to need a durable, reliable way to pick up after them. A well-stocked supply of DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags made easily available to all those walking their pups on your grounds can make a big difference on the cleanliness of your property. They are a simple and inexpensive way to ensure pet pickup is prompt and thorough on your grounds. When selecting the best dog waste bags for the job, be sure to look for ones that are thick enough to be durable enough for any duty, and always ensure you have plenty of bags on hand to distribute to guests or residents, or to stock dog waste bag dispensers on your property.

Waste Bag Dispensers for Convenience

Speaking of poop bag dispensers, these handy and affordable pet waste removal solutions are ideal for smaller pet-friendly areas or places where disposing of picked up waste is easily accessible. If that sounds like your property, setting up an efficient system for pet waste pickup on your grounds can be as simple as selecting a model that fits your needs. DOGIPOT® Junior Bag Dispensers are made to be versatile enough to be installed across a variety of locations, and come in aluminum and polyethylene designs with clear instructions and prompts to pick up after pets. Mount these near dumpsters or trashcans along pet-friendly areas for the most efficient solution.

Pet Stations: The All In One Solution

A "one stop shop" when it comes to pet waste removal, dog waste stations feature a dog waste bag dispenser and dog poop receptacle in one convenient station. An all-in-one pet station, like the aluminum pet station that DOGIPOT offers, will cover all of your bases and need only routine trash pick-up and occasional maintenance. When making your purchase, it's important to also look for high-quality products created to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Foot traffic can also be a factor that contributes to how many stations you will actually need to install, whether it's just one for a small pet walking area behind your clinic or rest stop, or several strategically placed throughout your community.

While overseeing any property has its difficulties, ensuring pet-friendly areas remain clean and enjoyable for your guests or residents with quality pet products will surely earn you many thanks from pet parents while easing some of your duties.

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