Contrary to popular belief, keeping your community and pet-friendly areas free from dog waste is fast and easy to manage once you have the proper tools. Installing DOGIPOT Pet Stations throughout your property or park prompts dog walking pet parents to properly dispose of their doggy’s doo. Aside from saving the soles of your shoes from some unpleasant meetings, DOGIPOT Pet Stations keep your community looking great, attracting more visitors and potential residents. It’s a win-win!

Ready to get started? Here’s how to install your own DOGIPOT Pet Station in just six simple steps:


  1. Prep your location by digging an 18 inch hole with an 8 inch diameter.
  2. Take on the thicker portion of the main post and position it 14inches into 40lbs of “Ready to Use” concrete mix, then let dry for 12 hours. (Tip: put a rod or bolt through two of the bottom holes for extra stabilization)
  3. Insert the thinner portion of the main post into the thick until the holes line up, and secure with included bolts, washers and locknuts.
  4. Bolt on the sign by lining up the top hole with the top hole on the post
  5. Mount the bag dispenser 1 inch below the sign.
  6. Open the lid of the trash receptacle and test how low it should be to fully open, then mount.


And you’re done! Just fill your DOGIPOT Pet Station with our convenient pick-up bags and watch the waste disappear.

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