When it comes to the holidays and long-distance travel, no two dogs are created equal. To help alleviate much of the stress that can come with traveling with animals, DOGIPOT® put together a comprehensive checklist of tips to consider before you embark on your first trip of the season.

Fly direct, if possible. This reduces the possibility of your pets being mishandled or even misplaced when connecting to a different flight.

Get and all necessary vaccinations and check ups done. The general rule of thumb is to get your pet’s vaccinations completed no less than ten (10) days before the date of your trip. Avoid the use of tranquilizers as they may affect your pet’s breathing, causing anxiety and discomfort while traveling.

Buy the right shipping crate. Ideally, the crate should be large enough for pet to sit, stand and move around in comfortably. Proper bedding should also be applied, especially for longer flights, and to absorb any accidents that may occur. Store an extra packet or bag of dry food inside the crate for emergencies, and make sure the gate is securely closed, but not locked; in the event airline or rescue personnel need to open the crate.

Add proper identification. Clearly mark the crate with the words “Live Animal”, as proper handling measure, as well as any pertinent contact information. Carrying a photo of your pet can also help with identification in the event they somehow get loose from their crate during travel.

Inform the staff and crew. Anyone who may come into direct contact should be notified that you are traveling with an animal. In the event of an emergency or your pet gets loose, crews can quickly inform you.


In most cases, it’s strongly recommended you refrain from taking your four-legged friend on any trips longer than necessary. Unless you and your family is relocating overseas, for example, prolonged flights in pressurized cabins can have an adverse affect on your dog’s health over time.

In situations like these, consider using a dog-boarding company or enlist the services of a close friend or family member to watch after your pooch. You both will be all the better for it.

Traveling with your pet can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, as long as you take the proper safety precautions. From establishing healthy eating habits when visiting family, to making sure vaccinations are up to date before making travel plans, there’s a great deal to consider before stepping foot out of the door.

DOGIPOT® wants to keep you as prepared as possible this holiday travel season. Whether it’s making sure you have enough DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags to clean up with, or keeping your favorite airport’s pet relief area well equipped, we have just the right pet products to help ease travel-related stresses.

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