It’s the SMART Solution


The DOGIPOT® concept was created as a solution to the growing problem of dog pollution. More than just a nuisance, dog waste causes damaging effects on the environment and humans by carrying a host of harmful pathogenic bacteria and viruses that become a significant pollution source to ground water, streams, rivers and lakes when not disposed of properly. These same bacteria and viruses also pose serious health risks to humans and pets when direct contact is made. DOGIPOT® products were specifically designed to keep dog-friendly areas and their surroundings free from dog waste and its harmful impact on these areas. It’s a simple and SMART solution to dog waste in all dog friendly areas. DOGIPOT® is the best overall solution to your dog pollution issues.

The Green Choice - Dogipot


DOGIPOT® has numerous product designs made from various materials to help fit all of the possible needs of our customers in helping solve their dog pollution issues. We have the most aesthetically pleasing, commercially durable products on the market that are very economical. No one can match our experience, customer service, selection of products or reputation in the market. DOGIPOT® products offer dependability that saves you money!


As the industry leader, DOGIPOT® provides one of the most economical and dependable line of litter pick up and liner trash bags on the market. Through years of experience, product tests, observation studies and working closely with apartment managers, campground owners, maintenance staff, park directors and public work leaders, DOGIPOT® has designed the perfect pickup tool for dog waste, Unlike the cheap competition, DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags are the perfect balance of dependability and value. Our bags are thick enough to withstand the rigors of shipping, warehouse storage, exposure to various environmental elements and to get the pickup job done right every time. At the same time, our bags are not too big or too thick where it makes picking up more of a challenge or adds additional costs or materials to the waste stream. DOGIPOT® Smart Liner Trash Bags are the perfect liner for all DOGIPOT® receptacles and important so that dog owners have a convenient way to dispose of their bagged dog waste. DOGIPOT® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags and SMART Liner Trash Bags are the Smart choice and have been since 1994. It’s the dependability that saves you money!


DOGIPOT® was one of the first companies in this industry and we invented the entire pet station concept. The DOGIPOT® team and its dedicated network of distributors have more experience and knowledge than anyone in the market to help you select the proper products for your needs and to help solve your dog pollution issues. We understand your needs better than anyone and are here to serve you. Experience the DOGIPOT® advantage!