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Become A Sponsor

In recent years, our customers in partnership with DOGIPOT® have developed various sponsorship plans to subsidize dog waste pick up programs, with the most effective being the DOGIPOT® Sponsor Sign. Studies have shown recognition rates to be extremely high when sponsorship signage and/or dispenser labeling is in place in addition to the DOGIPOT® label.

DOGIPOT® Sponsor Sign (#1211)

Sponsorship Signage

Add-on Sponsor Sign

The DOGIPOT® custom reflective aluminum Add-on Sponsor Sign is 11.5" wide x 10" tall.  The custom sign contains the sponsor's approved artwork.  This sign may be mounted on top of a DOGIPOT® Pet Station using DOGIPOT® item #1311 extension post or installed in any other conspicuous location suitable to gain sponsor recognition.  

Please call 1.800.364.7681 for questions or assistance.

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