It sounds like the ultimate dream job for dog lovers: starting a doggie daycare. People have busy lives and you have a love for their four-legged friends—it’s a match made in heaven. However, the fact that it’s a dream job doesn’t make it an easy one. Starting a dog daycare is just as big of an undertaking as starting any other business. There are obvious and unexpected decisions to be made, from when to schedule playtime to how to staff your daycare in the best interest of the employees and the dogs.

Thankfully, there are lots of tips and tricks to help you through the process and get you closer to opening your own dog daycare. With this cheat sheet and DOGIPOT products created for both the humans and the dogs involved in the operation, you’ll be a little bit closer to realizing your dream of turning your space into a dog’s paradise.


Anyone passionate enough about dogs to start a dog daycare is just as passionate about their safety. At a minimum, every member of your staff that interacts with the pets needs to be able to perform canine CPR. While it’s similar to CPR in humans in some ways, everyone needs to be taught the specific rules for canine CPR and how to perform it on different sized dogs.

Doggie first aid is another important skill for your team to know. Reputable organizations, like the American Veterinary Medical Association, have great guides on how to handle issues that may arise with the dogs before taking them to a veterinarian (or one in-house at your daycare) to keep them as comfortable and healthy as possible. Heat stroke on a summer afternoon, seizures, and injuries could all occur at your daycare, so you and your team must be prepared for any unexpected situation.

While less obvious than canine CPR, there’s another big factor to your customers’ health and safety: cleanliness. Keeping indoor and outdoor areas clean is an absolute necessity in the dog daycare business. When walking the dogs outdoors, you should never be too far away from a pet station. That’s where DOGIPOT Pet Stations come in to save the day. Any dog owner knows that the convenience of a nearby doggie station is greatly appreciated when nature calls.


You’ll put a lot of thought into the human side of your business, but don’t forget about the dogs’ experience! Your canine clientele will really appreciate the care you put into their play spaces. The DOGIPARK Dog Shaped Three Hoop Jump and DOGIPARK Arched Stepping Bones are the perfect additions for your more agile pups to release some of the day’s energy. For less active pups, the DOGIPARK Rectangle Bone Table is a great place for them to rest and spectate.


A well-cared dog is a happy one—and you’ll have a happy customer in turn. That’s why it’s so crucial to keep your facilities stocked up on dog care essentials. Every dog in your daycare should have access to clean water and nutritious food, ready for them to lap up or scarf down at the end of a long day of playing and running around with their new friends. The DOGIPOT Dog Bowl holds ice cold water ready for post-playtime or your customers’ favorite kibble.

If you’re looking to make sure your clientele stays in comfort and style, you may want to take a look at dog houses for your facility. The DOGIPOT Bunk House makes dogs feel right at home with their own cozy space.


Perhaps master is a strong word. What’s important with social marketing and your dog daycare is that you know what to post to make your clientele the envy of every dog boarded in a much-less-fun kennel.

People love to see dogs, and your daycare is full of dogs. It’s the perfect recipe for awesome, shareable social content. Everyone loves a viral dog video, so why can’t the next be from your dog daycare?

Take photos and videos of the pups often and share the joy happening in your facility with the outside world. Invite local dog “influencers” to stay at your daycare while their owners are out of town—it may sound silly, but your city probably has one or two canine residents with at least a few thousand Instagram followers. Those followers are likely other dog owners looking for a dog daycare at one point or another, and influencer marketing for humans isn’t too far off from how it works for dogs (and their owners that book their stays).

Starting a dog daycare business is no small feat, but for many dog-lovers-turned-business-owners, it’s a choice they’ll never regret. With help from DOGIPOT products and the right team behind you, your love of dogs will really pay off.

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