What to Consider in Starting a Veterinary Clinic
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What to Consider in Starting a Veterinary Clinic

Mon, 27 Apr 2015 by Linda Rosado

An ideal career for animal lovers with a penchant for medicine, becoming a veterinarian can help you make a difference within your community and beyond. Whether you’ve been practicing for a while or are new to the industry, the idea of opening your own veterinary clinic may have crossed your mind. With that, it’s a huge undertaking to make sure you are responsible in establishing and maintaining it. Having financial savvy, marketing acumen and veterinarian skills to apply may seem like a superhuman job, but with proper planning, it can be a worthwhile success.

Of the many things to include on your veterinary clinic checklist, the following are points to keep at the front of your mind:


One of the biggest things to consider when opening a veterinary clinic is location. If the clinic is going to be located around other businesses, near possible clientele or in a well-trafficked area are factors in your decision. If your target demographics live close by also narrows down your options. Will you build a facility from scratch or will you rent one? Either way, making sure there is ample room for procedures and pet waste stations and receptacles, within and outside of the clinic, is necessary for patrons. Lastly, being away from competitors is important to note.

Funding, Revenue and Pricing

Having a balanced checkbook and being aware of the costs of your veterinary clinic will save yourself from a lot of trouble and headaches later. Evaluating the money spent on technology and utilities will be essential when constructing your business plan to ensure you’re not only helping your clinic advance and grow, but also making the profits you deserve.

Veterinarian Team and Attracting Clients

Assembling a team of professionals you trust is how you’ll plant and grow your business. An attorney, accountant and marketing consultant are core members of your team that will hold your business together. You may find that you’ll adjust your team to your own needs. Once your plan is in motion, it’s vital to promote and advertise for your business so pet owners can start flocking to your clinic.

These three points are just a few of the several facets of starting your own veterinary clinic. But, with hard work and proper help, you can mold the business you’ve always wanted to serve the pets you’ve always cared for.

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